In Bob Kauflin, a pastor with Sovereign Grace Churches and Director of Sovereign Grace Music, wrote Worship Matters: Leading Others to Encounter the . Worship Matters has ratings and reviews. A privilege to somehow be mentored by Bob Kauflin about worship through his book. I find what he has. 45 quotes from Worship Matters: Leading Others to Encounter the Greatness of God: ‘Worship is God’s gift of grace to us before it’s our offering to God.

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Again, each chapter was solid both biblically and practically. Worship worship matters bob kauflin our humble, constant, appropriate, glad response to God’s bb and his enabling invitation. Most of the readers who will lauflin open this book will tell you that worship matters, but most of them will not be able to tell you why it matters so much.

We simply benefit from the worship matters bob kauflin offering of the Son to the Father through the power of the Spirit Ephesians 2: Apart from this perspective, leading worship can become self-motivated and self-exalting.

This is a great book on worship!

The Lord sees and judges the heart; he has no regard to outward forms of worship, if there be no inward adoration, if no devout affection be employed therein. Apr 05, Jeffrey rated worship matters bob kauflin it was amazing Shelves: It is practical enough to be of real use to musicians and leaders, but it is general enough to encourage and help any believer.

And they’re much more significant. Not meant to be a comprehensive list, Kauflin lists the following: Kauflin does an excellent job examining worship through bb lens of Scripture, in a very honest and real and practical way.


Book Review: “Worship Matters” by Bob Kauflin

Even if you don’t agree with every detail of what he says, all of these things are areas that you can and should be prayerfully working through as you minister to your local church. Following this, the writer demonstrates four areas in which all worship leaders struggle viz.

It was what I based our church’s theology of worship off of. Feb 08, Buddy Draper rated it it was amazing Shelves: It’s got a lot of great things to think on when preparing for and leading teams in worship.

It’s doing it until worship matters bob kauflin can’t get it wrong. Best foundation for why we worship I have read. Wow – Kauflin spares no words and gets below the surface when it comes to issues that often arise between music leaders and the pastor of a church.

He suggests, for example, that leaders should speak when there is some truth in a song which may not be worship matters bob kauflin obvious to everyone, and explaining it will enable the congregation to better sing worship matters bob kauflin song understanding its meaning.

Trivia About Worship Matters: It has really shaped my mind in understanding the concept and life of Worship. God isn’t a genie we summon by rubbing the bottle called “worship. This book proved itself to be inspiring and practical.

Worship Matters: Leading Others to Encounter the Greatness of God by Bob Kauflin

Apr 20, Susan added it Shelves: Every worship leader at any age should be familiar with this material. This is no drawback from the book; in fact, for those of us who are not ksuflin leaders, this should give us a greater love and appreciation for them as we see what they have to think about and accomplish every week. As a Christian, it helped worship matters bob kauflin to see that worship is not just during the music service.


Worship matters bob kauflin, Kauflin runs a blog called Worship Mattersand it is an excellent resource for anyone serving in the area of musical worship.

Other positives abound in the book. The book is unparalleled in its depth and breadth on the topic. And I’m committed to making sure every present and future member of our church’s worship team gets a copy. Kaufllin first focuses on the person who leads the congregation in worship. That being said, the book is geared toward worship leaders, so Kauflin does take special care to address issues pertinent to worship leaders and their role. Worship matters bob kauflin uses a personal definition of worship to guide his study of it: I recommend this book to you, as well as to anyone serving gob a worship team.

worship matters bob kauflin

Worship Matters: Leading Others to Encounter the Greatness of God

In sum, this book is overall quite helpful while being flawed in a few significant areas. In short, the bib of who God is and what He has done should engage our emotions in worshipping Him. And it’s also very practical! The book is divided worship matters bob kauflin four main sections.