Leila Guerriero, «Una historia sencilla» (Buenos Aires: Anagrama, ). En enero del año , Leila Guerriero viajó hasta un pequeño pueblo del interior de. Find great deals for Una Historia Sencilla by Leila Guerriero (Paperback). Shop with confidence on eBay!. Una historia sencilla. Front Cover. Leila Guerreiro Una historia sencilla · Leila Guerriero Bibliographic information. QR code for Una historia sencilla.

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The festival concludes historla year with the coronation of a man who has, in the world of folklore, the repute of an Olympic hero and who is awarded with the title of champion. And so she began to follow, first in Laborde, then in Buenos Aires, that son of a modest family that survived by giving music and folklore classes in primary institutes and schools in the urban sprawl of Buenos Aires.

Una Historia Sencilla by Leila Guerriero (Paperback) | eBay

But the second night of the competition witnesses a dancer become paralysed on stage, and at that precise moment she decides that the story would no longer seniclla about the history of the festival but also about that man: This bus stops all along the way, and is the place where they, as well as some neighbours and friends, live, eat and sleep for the six days of the festival.


The National Festival of Malambo de Laborde.

As a result, the malambo which grants them their crown is also the last ones of their lives. Her intention was to tell the story of a folkloric dance competition, as secret as it is prestigious, that has been taking place there since Malambo, a traditional dance guerruero Argentine gauchos, consists of a sustained tapping of the feet, which, for its execution in the competition, requires great technical ability and uncommon levels of athletic training.

Inshe published American Landscape, a collection of twenty-one profiles of personalities from Spanish and Latin American culture.

A Simple Story – Editorial Anagrama

But this story captures senccilla interest from the first page… An exciting work that mixes reportage and fiction; a book that is both moving and strangely familiar. In Januarythe Argentinean journalist Leila Guerriero travelled to a town with six thousand inhabitants, in the centre of her country.

Si continua navegando, consideramos que acepta su uso. Guerriero arrived in Laborde with a simple idea: During the five minutes that a show lasts, the dancer reaches speeds that demand similar amounts of energy to a runner of the hundred meters, only that they are not required to sustain it for nine seconds but for five minutes.


Inshe published a collection of articles called Strange Fruits Aguilar Colombia and Argentina which, inwas published by Alfaguara in Spain. guegriero

To safeguard the prestige of the contest, the champions have made a tacit pact: And in January ofwhen he returned to compete in Laborde, Guerriero went with him. Something that many of us would love to have again.

And Guerriero, from a distance as intimate as it is implacable, as deep as it stark, as discreet as it is intrusive, accompanies him on this journey up until the final night. Because the characters that populate it seem to have something that we once had, something that still exists in a lot of families.

That of somebody who steadily moves forward through a dream urged on by the most dangerous of feelings: You can read an excerpt in English in here.

A Simple Story tells the most difficult of epics: