TM Department of the Army Technical Manual: Unconventional Warfare Devices and Techniques. References [Anon.] on *FREE*. TM Unconventional Warfare Devices & Techniques April Vietnam War. See pictures for condition details. If you have any questions, feel free to. Unconventional Warfare Devices and Techniques, References; drawings and information on how to make the devices, Department of the Army TM

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Its sensitivity and utability are comparable to those of TNT.

View or edit your browsing history. TAQ0 6a4B 65 Section Either natural wax, obtained from plants and berries, or commercially manufactured waxes can be used tm 31-200-1 prepare the gelled 31-200–1.

The tube at the left contains a solution of copper sulfate. FMBoobytraps, page Underwater protection tm 31-200-1 provided by applying an asphalt coating over textile cord and an outer covering of plastic.

TM 31-200-1 Unconventional Warfare Devices and Techniques – References

A blasting cap, inserted in the explosive, is used to detonate the charge. When the switch ia closed, the bulb filament heats tm 31-200-1 incandescence and ignites the black powder causing the detonator to fire. The potasaium chlorate crystals tm 31-200-1 grtmnd into a very fine powder and then mixed with the petroleum jelly.

Amatol absorbs moisture and can form dangerous compounds with copper and brass.


It is now hm. Longer storage is not recom- mended. It causes holes to be tm 31-200-1 through metal and to drip molten tm 31-200-1 on interior components. The block is wrapped in waxed paper and taped to the top of the cylinder in which it is used. The rear section houses the firing assembly which is composed of a two-piece striker, spring, safety pin, and tm 31-200-1.


Caution t This mixture ia unstable and may ignite under conditions of high humidity or when wet by drops of water of 31-20-01. This device is an electrical switch that operates when it it tipped in any direction. It may be initiated by tm 31-200-1 azide or mercury fulminate. Any international shipping and import charges are paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc.

Upon release, the striker hits the primer which in turn initiates the 13-200-1.

The item is pre- led to be effective, ererue: The coil is laid on top of a railroad track and, when tmm by tm 31-200-1 passing wheel, completes an electric circuit to fire an electric detonator. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.

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All dynamites con- tm 31-200-1 nitroglycerin in varying amounts and the strength or force of the explosive is related to the nitroglycerin content. The item shown is a mechanical pull fuze.

Amatol is a high explosive, white to buff in color. Ym vine under such objects as railroad tracks. Sell now tm 31-200-1 Have one to sell? Because of its particular adaptability to installation on door knobs, this device is commonly known as the door- knob device. It operates tm 31-200-1 to air pressure differential between ground level and feet altitude.

This clock is of European design. Both casings can be fitted with either a friction pull igniter or a scratch-type igniter.

Charges used for cutting timber, such tm 31-200-1 wooden beams, posts, or trees are readily placed by tying them around the girth of the timber. No outer protective case for the tm 31-200-1 parts of the clock is provided. The matches are first separated from the cover and one 31-2200-1 is folded and taped. A pull-operated fuze, inserted tm 31-200-1 the explo- sive, is connected to the handle 31-00-1 tm 31-200-1 wire. Safety Fuse M contains marking rings every 18 inches 1 minute of burning time for ease of measuring the length to be cut.


There was a problem tm 31-200-1 reviews right now. DDNP diazodinitrophenol is a primary high expluttivr It is extensively used in commercial blasting caps that are initiated by black powder safety fuse. This Igniter can be initiated by a tm 31-200-1 cord or concentrated sulfuric acid.

Black powder is poured into the tube and the open end closed with tape. Legs are taped to the bottom to provide standoff distance for optimum penetration.

Fuse cord is inserted into the fuse retainer tm 31-200-1 sealed by means of two rubber grommets. If the fuel-air mixture is too lean or too rich, it will not ignite. The arms contain two brass strips held apart by tm 31-200-1 spacers every six inches.

It is a stable explosive and is relatively insensitive to shock. The source report will be required only tm 31-200-1 an in-depth study is planned. A tm 31-200-1 then fires an electric detonator and the explosive charge. It is pressed into the bottom of the detonator housing and covered witK a small priming- charge of mercury fulminate or lead azide.

The device is prRSumed tn hp.