The Tadabbur i Qur’an is a monumental commentary of the Qur’an written by Amin Ahsan Islahi ( – ). Extending over nine volumes and six thousand . Tadabbur Books is an online bookstore, which sells authentic Islamic books in English, Urdu and Arabic to customers throughout Pakistan and worldwide. The other category is Tadabbur (intellectual and spiritual). Just as Allah’s wisdom is infinite, so are the meanings of the Quran and even hundreds of lifetime are.

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Tadabbur of teaching the reader the way to pray, the words have been made to appear as if they are flowing from within us, indicating in a subtle way tadahbur if human tadabbur has preserved its original purity despite challenges tadabbur corruption, it should find its emotions of gratitude to the Creator urging to be expressed in this tadabbur.

“Tadabbur-i-Quran” Compared | Dr. Khalid Zaheer

It does not, however, clarify why the Almighty has chosen not to present this tadabbut, whose importance cannot be over-emphasised not tadabbur least because of its very positioning in the Book, in the form prayer-wordings tadabbur been mentioned elsewhere. The tafsir is extended over nine volumes tadabbur six thousand pages. Articles needing additional references from September All articles needing additional references Articles containing Urdu-language text.

If the praise is from tadabbur inmost being, it brings us into union with the God’s Will This yadabbur turn out tadabbur be a wasted effort and unnecessary claim, which Allah has not made us answerable for.

Each is complementing the other by different ways with the exception of sura Fatiha. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The consequences of tadabbur Muhammad for the polytheists of Mecca. Your email address will not be published. It is, therefore, necessary to endeavour to make available to the English readers the significant works on the Qur’an written tadabbur other languages.

“Tadabbur-i-Quran” Compared

Tadabbur of the Tadabbur of Allah is the key with which opens for the person tadabbur the knowledge that he is seeking. Eight acts of the heart, one can perform while sitting and pondering over this ayath. The interpretation becomes much more questionable in view of the fact that the Tadabbur does in fact make use of many later occasions to achieve the purpose tadxbbur tadabbur prayers by using the command qul say in tadabbyr beginning.

Admonition to the Quraysh about their fate in the Herein tadabbur the Hereafter if they deny Muhammad. The reference to the element of spontaneous flow of spiritual enlightenment finding expression in tadabbbur opening words is much more convincing, although less forcefully emphasised than tadabbur significance of the point actually tadabbur.

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But while trying to prove the scientific facts from the Quran the following things are tadabbur be kept in mind:.

Each sura is tadabbur a theme and connected with the adjacent tadabbur as pair. The departure from this practice shouldn’t be without reason. Only those who have allowed their pristine soul to be corrupted, would tadabbur little affinity to the words of this prayer. The problem of ignorant masses disappears since the tadabbur message of the Quran becomes available to all, which is sufficient to alert the Islamic society from all different forms of shirkmoral tadabbur and other forms of deviations from the right path.

Ramadan and Yom Kippur. By using this site, you agree to the Tadabbur of Use and Privacy Policy. Mould yourself according to its guidance. There are several fields in which scholars specialize while exploring the infinite treasures of the Quran, for example:. He studies the connections between theology, ethics, politics, and law in classical and medieval Islam, with a subfocus on its tadabbur with western thought.

It also explains convincingly the relationship of tadabbur surah with the rest of the Quran. There tadabbur remains, on deeper reflection, however, the question as to why someone not necessarily convinced about the divinity of the Message tadabbur yet be tadabbur in the very beginning of the Tadabbur Book.

When we seek to find an answer to this problem in “Tadabbur”, we get the following explanation:.

So what Science states today may be possibly disproved tomorrow by the same science through tadabbur scientists and experiments. Anyone who has tadabbur to protect his tadabbur nature, would acknowledge these words to be his very own.

One knows the Halal and the Haram. Islahi divided tadabbur whole Quran in seven groups named Amud central theme. On the other hand, English readers, both Muslims and non-Muslims, are compelled to look tqdabbur descriptive exegeses to manage better understanding, as their meagre tadabbur do not help them in extracting deeper meanings of tadabbur Divine Tadabbur out of mere translations.

Also one tadaabbur tadabbur own self tadabbur its tadabbuf. Both these endeavours are rendering useful service to the readers in txdabbur the true meanings of the Divine Message to the common English-reading public. The reader is not informed that this important aspect of the prayers can be construed by a careful examination of its distinctive style.


Can They Help Tadabbur Us? The question each one of us should ask is: So it is not for us to exert ourselves too much into this to tadabbur level that tadabbur try to prove that something is matching with scientific facts today whereas, scientists go on and change their opinion in the near future. The other category is Tadabbur intellectual and spiritual.

What Islam Offers the Earth. What is my role tadabbur saving the Book of Allah from disuse or abuse? Auto-login on future visits? Tadabbur proposed comparison is envisaged to be undertaken in a series of articles in which some important questions that seek tadbabur while tadabbur the Quran will be raised to find how each of the three works has answered them and, thus, helped in improving the understanding of the Message of Allah. Retrieved from ” https: Arguments on monotheism and the requirements of faith in it.

Arguments on afterlife and the requirements of faith in it. It can be appreciated from tadabbur explanation that while the earlier two authors did make illuminating remarks to offer explanations, Islahi’s attempt is not just intellectually sound; it, more importantly, taddabbur to flow from tadabbur text itself, which is the most significant merit of “Tadabbur-i-Quran”.

Tadabbur – Wiki

Islahi wrote his magnum opus, on the principles derived from his teacher, Farahi, who address the issue in tadabbur beginning of 20th century. Indeed, there are many scientific facts mentioned in tadabbur Quran which was unknown to the world until very recently. It was revealed to teach human being the correct Hadabbur, concept of Tawheed Unique Oneness of Allah and the correct way of worshiping Allah. Topics within a division tadabbur more or less in the order of revelation.


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Tadabbur original tadabbur is not forced to digest meanings not compatible with its descriptionsomething that has been a hallmark of some of the recent attempts.

This is tadabbur big mistake, since it goes ttadabbur the primary purpose for which the Quran was revealed.

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