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Your youth has passed away like this, and old age has overtaken your body. These are the Popular Banis of Mahalal.

You are so proud of your body; it shall perish in an instant, my friend. Head shaking from old age, steps infirm, eyes devoid of light; Says Nanak, this is me state you have come to, Yet you seek not the joy from God flowing. One who renounces Maya and possessiveness and is detached from everything. Saloi Nanak, meditate in remembrance salok mahalla 9 Him, and all your works will salok mahalla 9 successful. You are not detached, mahala for a moment! If you do not sing the Praises of the Lord, your life is rendered useless.

The Lord is the Giver of all peace and comfort. It fills the mind with deep thoughts, producing a mood in which all fretfulness about worldly gains salok mahalla 9 losses in a fundamentally unstable world seem utterly senseless. Says Nanak, without meditating on the Lord, he is caught in mahxlla noose of Death. We should be grateful for them.

Since all things of the world, no matter how much sustenance and satisfaction they may appear to give, must pass, there is nothing permanently valuable in them.

Salok Mahala 9 bani

It does not imply an ascetic life; it does not necessarily require the abandonment of things that yield the common pleasures and satisfactions.

I have tried so many things, salok mahalla 9 the pride of my mind has not been dispelled.

Says Nanak, this is your condition. Your body is made up of the five elements; you are clever and wise – know this well. Yet in keeping with the spirit of entire Gurbani salok mahalla 9 feature of the slokas does not imply a rejection of life.


He has given you your body and wealth, but you are not in love with Salok mahalla 9. A life completely devoted to worldly pursuits is a life spent in delusion, unreality taken for Reality. And even now, you have not savored the sublime essence of the Lord. These saloks form an important part of the epilogue when bringing to a close the reading of magalla Guru Granth Sahib Bhog on a salok mahalla 9 or social occasion and should thus be the most familiar zalok of it, after the Japji Sahibthe Sikhs’ morning prayer.

Salok Mahalla 9 – Bhai Jarnail Singh

The world wanders around begging, salok mahalla 9 the Lord is the Giver of all. Lived right, life is meaningful and precious. Salok, in Sanskritsignifies a verse of laudation or praise. Whatever has been created shall be destroyed; everyone shall perish, today salok mahalla 9 tomorrow. Says Nanak, it is like a wall of sand; it shall not endure. One who has forsaken all sin and corruption, who wears the robes of neutral detachment. Says Nanak, without meditating on the Lord, life passes away uselessly.

Meditating in remembrance on it, my troubles are taken away; I have received the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan. Says Nanak, listen, man: To follow good in the world and to renounce only salok mahalla 9 which is opposed to good is the essential lesson of the slokas.

O Nanak, accept this as the Truth. Says Nanak, meditate and vibrate upon Him, salok mahalla 9 you shall cross over the terrifying world-ocean. Says Nanak, meditate, vibrate upon the Lord; your salok mahalla 9 is fleeting away!

The best use of time is to devote it to remembering God. That person, who does not feel devotion to God in his mind. O Nanak, in just the same way, vibrate, and meditate on the Lord, single-mindedly, with one-pointed consciousness. In good times, there are many companions around, but in bad times, there is no one at all. The vanity of worldly salok mahalla 9 and the attitude of renunciation seem to be much more pronounced in the siokas than anywhere else in the Guru Granth Sahib.


But contrary to what might be assumed, immersing oneself in naam – simrandoes not mean withdrawal from the world but contemplation of God in the midst of it. Salok mahalla 9 1 Detailed analysis 2 Apart from God nothing is permanent 3 The need for detachment 4 To live your life right 5 Not to withdraw from the world 6 When God is forgotten then attachment becomes unwholesome 7 Poetic quality of the slokas 8 See also 9 External links 9.

Why are you engrossed in sin and corruption? The head shakes, the feet stagger, and the eyes become dull and weak. One who is not touched by pleasure or pain, greed, emotional attachment and egotistical pride. The underlying assumption is that God, referred to by various names such as Gobind, Ram, Hari, Bhagvan, is the only true reality and the source salok mahalla 9 all existence. While the slokas advocate detachment, there is also implicit salok mahalla 9 them the salok mahalla 9 to be involved with the world.

The man wishes for something, but something different happens.

O Nanak, know this as true. That mortal who chants the Praises of the Salok mahalla 9, O Nanak, conquers the world. O God, please save me! That mortal, who forsakes egotism, and realizes salok mahalla 9 Creator Mhalla. False, utterly false, is this world, my friend, Know this as the truth; Says Nanak, it stays not, as stays not a wall made of sand.