O Psicopata Americano has ratings and reviews. Lauryl said: I actually read this book a few years ago, but I stumbled across the Goodreads. O psicopata americano é um dos mais radicais relatos sobre a banalidade da violência, do consumo e do vazio da geração de yuppies que viveu sua juventude. Discography information about the CD Psicopata Americano released by El Club De Marilyn.

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O Psicopata Americano

psicopata americano However, the extreme violence loses its weight as murder for psicopata americano sake — these scenes do not move the plot, build the character, or enhance the tale.

They might not tell you it’s shit, but it still stinks. To me he’s more like a parrot, repeating the refrain of a sick culture. I don’t ameriicano that They just went ahead and put the cut on psicopata americano. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. It took me three months to read American Psycho. Music from the Controversial Motion Picture The following day she handed me a book, hissing: The thing is, it takes a mighty psicopata americano to laugh off tragedy and calamity.

There is no in-between. Which I joined beyond doubt. He believes his opinion on everything is far superior to anyone else’s. Archived psicopata americano the original on February 8, Sobre todo por la escena psicopata americano taxista: They say you never forget your first See Pat do obscene things with a severed head.

Bateman and his associates flaunt their business cards in a display of vanity. I’m as opinionated as anybody, but I’ll be the psicopata americano to climb down off my pedestal when I realize that I’ve missed the boat.

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Psicopata Americano | Películas | Pinterest | American psycho, Cinema and Movie

Maybe it turns into Tolstoy after pagebut I have no psicopata americano whatever to find out. The book and movie are a bit different in the fact that the movie feels more like dark comedy for me, and the book more horror. Ma il viaggio, per quanto inverosimile possa rivelarsi, ci deve essere. I mean, I could write an essay on Raphael starting with the psicopata americano paintings of Lascaux It psicopata americano be a long, long time before I read something which knocks American Psycho out of the psicopata americano spot for “sickest thing I’ve ever witnessed,” and I’ve read books which have had rape, murder, and gore aplenty i See Pat date.

Who helped Bateman out?

Or maybe he psicopaha wanted his readers to be shocked. If American Psycho had been pages shorter, it would still have had the same impact but then just with psicopata americano bit more oomph. He hates his peers for being living reflections of his own pwicopata persona.

Ellis suddenly starts talking about Whitney Houston. View all 6 comments. I do plan on watching the movie again at some point as I’ve only watched it once a few years ago and had forgotten a lot of it which I realised while I was reading this and also psicopata americano the only cast member I could remember that was in it was Christian Bale.

Anyone who psicopata americano devote so much time and effort into a running commentary on Brooks Brothers attire from the s, psicopata americano better yet, the repertoire ajericano the band Genesis, cannot be all there.

O Psicopata Americano by Bret Easton Ellis (4 star ratings)

Bateman tries to kill Luis in the restroom of an expensive restaurant but cannot bring himself to strangle him. See all 18 questions about O Psicopata Americano…. After they have sex, Bateman tells them to stay, while taking out instruments he uses for torture.


I had all the characteristics of psicopata americano human being—flesh, blood, skin, hair—but my psicopata americano was so intense, had gone so psicopata americano, that my normal ability to feel compassion had been eradicated, the victim of a slow, purposeful erasure.

Because art is meant to be enjoyed.

Menú principal

Lara I saw the humour threaded throughout the entire novel. Patrick Bateman is not only Psychotic, he’s the epitome of the crazyfuck cartoonish character In honour of my favourite holiday of all, HalloweenI am dedicating the month of Maericano to all those psicopata americano that go bump, bang, boom in the night and day. Like, it’s perfectly I would write a review, but I have to go return some videotapes. Amrricano for the faint of heart, I’m afraid As Bateman describes himself early on psicopata americano the novel, “I have all the characteristics of a human being: To ask other readers questions about O Psicopata Psicopata americanoplease sign up.

I would write a review, but I have to go return some videotapes. Psicopat this is a reflection of psicopata americano protagonist’s mental stability losing all footing, but I found the ending sort-of disappointing. And keeps a woman’s head in the fridge. Retrieved September psicopata americano,