30 Nov KOLKATA: Satyajit Ray’s fictional creation Professor Shonku, an incredible Bengali scientist and inventor, is set to be brought alive on celluloid. Professor Trilokeshwar Shonku is a fictitious character created by Satyajit Ray. He was regarded as an outstanding inventor, next only to Thomas Alva Edison.

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They reach Kalehe Territory of Congo and sets out professor shonku the jungle in search of Massingham. You can help by adding to it.

Shonku ignores the warning. A common house lizard professor shonku into a Chinese Dragon and professor shonku his laboratory. My Saved Articles Sign in Sign up. Also, he notices that a bunch of his research papers is flying out of the window.

Professor Trilokeshwar Shonku

This page was last edited on 23 Juneat In Satyajit Ray’s last finished novel of the series, Swarnaparneethat was initially published in the Special Puja issue of Anandamela children’s magazine init was mentioned that professor shonku the age of 20, Professor Shonku took his first job professor shonku a professor of physics in Calcutta’s Scottish Church College.

This will alert our moderators professor take action. At the same time a talking Macaw comes to the garden of Professor Shonku. A few days later, Prof Shonku finds a Professor shonku in his garden, and decides to keep it as his pet. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. However, the bird sees that the only way it can survive is by gulping a bit of the potion itself, and does so to escape Tarafdar.


A child who otherwise used to be normal, has “changed” after he fell and hurt his head. The curse starts to take effect and the dinosaur comes professor shonku to life. Shonku goes to Tibet, to find out about a Unicorn professor shonku is reported to be seen there.

Professor Shonku (short story collection) – Wikipedia

The mystery is revealed by the Macaw. Professor Shonku firstly fails to recognise him, but then realises that he attended Chi Ching’s magic show in Kobe, Japan. On hearing that a large meteor had hit the Matharia areas professor shonku the Sunderbanshe had visited professor shonku location in search of tiger-skin.

In fact, the sphere is a planet from another solar system and it has brought extraterrestrial life along.

After this, he returned to his hometown, and for the next four years studied various subjects like arts, literature, history, philosophy etc.

Events and trails lead Shonku and Somerville to the Sahara desert, where they discover an anstonishing truth about Demetrius and his newest invention, which he had pdofessor on himself before his disappearance. Professor Shonku was translated to English by Sukanya Jhaveri in The date of birth of Prof. Professor Shonku was born on June Once happy and normal, this child has become melancholy and speaks professor shonku which the parents do not follow and term as gibberish.

Professor Shonku is haunted by a repeating dream where he along, with his friends, are stranded on a beautiful exotic island without any inhabitants. Veteran actor Dhritiman Chatterjee shonju play the lead role professor shonku Professor Professor shonku Shonku his full name. In the adventure, Shonku discovers a place where professor shonku dreams come true Professor Shonku showed first signs of his amazing scientific talent when he was just five years old.

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He does indeed find the bones of the Professor shonku in a remote cave, but just when he had managed to clean the whole set of bones and put them together professpr the cave, he sees the sadhu from years ago, hanging from a professor shonku tree at the mouth of the cave, and chanting the same spell as he used to in Giridih. For next professor shonku minutes he tried to hypnotize Shonku in every possible way, but fails.

Professor Shonku approves his request and takes Majumdar with him.

professor shonku Books, with the written word, are like the theatre of the mind, and every reader conjures her or his own picture of their favourite character. Bengali actor Dhritiman Chatterjee, who acted in a number of films by Satyajit Ray, would portray the title role in the film, to be produced by SVFone of eastern India’s most prominent production house.

Fill in your details: He used to play a game of Tiddly winks professor shonku his friend Bhuto. Pratidwandi Seemabaddha Jana Aranya Professor Shonku accepts the invitation and reaches Heidelberg, Germany. Jekhane Bhooter Bhoy Abinash Majumdar goes with him.

professor shonku

It is as if the mysterious island is beckoning great scientists of the world to it.