arrivec at is eaiiec, iu Cbiuese, neì kung, or iuuer µower.¨ It is tbe eçuivaieut oi tbe uiucu-Buccbist µraetiee oi luucaiiui yoga, tbougb uei luug iuvoives a nartiai art. Nei Kung: The Secret Teachings of the Warrior Sages Kosta Danaos Explains the science behind the practice of nei kung, the elemental nature of yin and. 30 Dec p KD (Kosta Danaos) tells how he met John Chang (cf. The Magus of Java) and his discovery of faculties related to ch’i, the vital energy.

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I have just learn a horrible climbs of the truth about the world we are in, its terrifying, it will make old men faint, young men will go crazy. To help readers understand their capacity to connect with this inner elemental power, the author offers a fascinating blend of teachings that include sound scientific theories explaining much of the “magic” of nei kung.

He seems to be to concerned with the ideal ideas of nei kung kosta danaos western views which probably become a blockage in nei kung kosta danaos in the true nature of life and yourself. Hobie rated it really liked it Oct 10, Published 1 year ago.

A lesson I have learnt myself many times. The author explains that we first must open our minds to the fact that the power of ch’i is real. Recreating the wheel is not an option and I firmly believe that the right teacher will show up when I am ready.

Nei Kung: The Secret Teachings of the Warrior Sages

Although at the end of his previous kjng he started get somewhat personal about his views which continues in his second book. Amanda rated it it was ok Jun 21, It is, by all accounts, extremely difficult to become a disciple of the Mo Pai—and joining is actually the easy part! The needleless acupuncture is mad cool too If ANYONE was meant to know how to gain these abilities… Then the bei masters would know them already and send a nei kung kosta danaos.

It would be a pleasure to talk nei kung kosta danaos it with you: Evangelos…hmm What is secret?

I have also studied Medical Qigong for several yrs and nei kung kosta danaos always been amazed by the videos of John Chang I first saw him over 10 yrs ago in nei kung kosta danaos Ring of Fire video. To bring peace to all in my path, and annihilation of obscurities and falsities within that will be reflected without.

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There will be SO many who need help. Korwin rated it liked it May 23, Its an exciting time we are in, that we need no teacher to teach us, no priest to dwnaos us, but we must become our own teacher, priest, and warrior. There was a kng filtering reviews right now.

Nei kung the secret teachings of the warrior sages danaos, kosta by akaki99 – Issuu

Re-Posting my comment so that if anybody who can provide information on joining the MoPai or information on the teachings I would greatly appreciate it. I disagree with the whole the Master would know, or the immortals would know… They are not necessarily all nei kung kosta danaos.

The nei kung kosta danaos and pestilent of the wild are also in the city, its a perfect environment to face myself, for there is a raging war within me, good and evil is no easy concept, for the evil of this world is also within me. Jan 09, Pieter rated it really liked it. While this book is interestingit is simply a tease because while the information tells of human potential- you as the reader will not be given any useful way to develop these potentials iguess this is where the secrecy comes in.

I am without mercy or pity for these failures.

We need to be the best we can be for ourselves and those jei love, THis knowlege is a curse. Cheers, Radu e-mail adress: John Chang has made available fairly concrete evidence that Internal Arts can be used to improve lives, both of the practicioner and the world nei kung kosta danaos general. In all actuallity I still feel like I have what it takes and currently I might be taking a dangerous path of blindly walking the Lei Shan Dao or Thunder Path without any confirmation on whether nei kung kosta danaos I danas is right is indeed the right way to follow this path.

Published on December 30, Although a reply to this comment regarding guidance on my path would be appreciated, I guees I just wanted to confess things lol. Like his previous book I also liked this one.

Amazon Nei kung kosta danaos allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. danaoe


If anyone can direct and assist me I will be sincerely appreciative. I am interested in more information about this practice nei kung kosta danaos I see and experience the necessity to use these energies to heal. I hope someday Hei may be blessed with the opportunity to study under a master of this wonderful art, and the strength and discipline to succeed in such teachings.

Jen Marin rated it liked it May 18, David Nei kung kosta danaos rated it really nei kung kosta danaos it Apr 26, It is amazing that so many people on here seem to have productive motives and want to better themselves change the world in the same way that I do.

But seriously I hope what John Chang demonstrate is only a climbs of the inner power otherwise is not enough just a child play. It is my sword and shield, my path to the inner world and path to the creator.

I would like to find out how to study any of these practices, be it with Kosta Danaos, or David Verdesi. Hello, I am already practicing Nei kung kosta danaos Kung lvl 1. Like nick said, I find John Chang an inspiration to all of us. Please contact me if you need to find out information.

Who Wants to Learn Mo Pai Nei Kung?

He lives in Athens, Greece. Good luck on your path. I respect and dedicate all nei kung kosta danaos progress in healing to the integrity of my teacher. David Sollis rated it really liked it Oct 04, I kostta had MANY masters, not just in martial arts. After all, a Master picks his students. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

Nei Kung: The Secret Teachings of the Warrior Sages: Kosta Danaos: : Books

Practice more, practice better, practice with love. I live in San Ferancisco…. Review “Makes excellent reading for energy practitioners and armchair explorers alike who are ready to feel yin and yang energy. Adventures with John Chang.