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I have to laugh because DPRK has become that even more so. His family spent loe years at hard labor in the concentration camp and he recounts what they had to endure just in order to survive. We’re afraid to poke, not knowing the depth of their reaction. Camp 14 was more raw.

Inmates are so famished they eat whatever rodents, reptiles or insects they manage to catch: To ask other readers questions about Los acuarios de Pyongyangplease sign up. The prisoners are housed in crowded in primitive dirt huts with walls made of dried mud. As a trained Korean cryptolinguist, I was aware of some of the ways in which the evil regime of Kim Jong Il represses its citizens, but this book painted a clear and detailed portrait of a people so crushed beneath the boot heel of their gov’t as to make any lover of liberty despair.

North Koreans believe that political deviance is hereditary, so extended families are routinely rounded up and incarcerated in gulags for the political crime of one lo member. My favorite part of these books is when the defector makes it to China and sees how different loe there is.

The book was a little short and more time could have been addressed to the escape from the Northbut it was covered and not much was ommited from what I can tell. However, the Grandmother, who is the moral leader of the family, feels they should return to North Korean to help support the new government. Dec 19, Julio Cesar rated it it was amazing. A stint in the sweatbox could be crippling, with permanent aftereffects. Author and prisoner Kang Chol-hwan wasn’t born in the camp. I guess I was pyonvyang emotive descriptions of horrific events in the authors life, but instead everything is stated rather matter-of-factly.

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After his grandfather disappears, Kang and his family are visited by the North Korean authorities, loaded on a truck, and trucked to gulag Yodok.

Thanks for telling us about the problem.

In May they suddenly disappeared, probably because they had received money from Kang via a broker, who is believed to have denounced them. Ordinary Lives in North Korea. The descriptions of children dying and the torture by the guards was horrid but I found it hard to put the book down.

It is an important book to read and will leave you feeling that we cannot abide this horror any longer. Kang grew up in Pyongyang as a young child, raised in an environment of propaganda, whorshipping Kim Il-sung and King Yong-il.

Los acuarios de Pyongyang by Kang Chol-Hwan (5 star ratings)

After his release he fled the country, first to China and eventually to South Korea. After being indoctrinated into cauarios ‘party’s propaganda and seeing the brutal work of the ‘hermit kingdom’s policies at their worst, there’s a fascinating story here to tell.

Sadly this memoir is incomplete. There are many buzzwords and phrases you’ll often hear when the country appears in the news, such as crimes against humanity, discrimination, and unspeakable atrocities. This book, acuraios me up to date on the past history and current events of North Korea. The true story of growing up in the worlds most secretive state and the extraordinary circumstances belonging to the life of Kang Chol-Hwan.

Los acuarios de Pyongyang

The cruelty they experience is unspeakable, beyond anything under Stalin, Mao or Hitler. Yet by repeating it so often, I occasionally xe I was trading my experience for a story that was no longer entirely my own.

My only qualm with Aquariums of Pyongyang was that I didn’t know where the ghost writer’s contributions, Pierre Rigoulot, started and ended. The book paints a vivid picture of the horror of present day life for many in the North. It’s a difficult and shocking thing lso read, but one I feel everybody should. Kang acuadios his family were suddenly sent to Camp 15, called Yodok, in The aquariums are a glimmer of his former, happy life in Pyongyang, but also a metaphor.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Very worth the read! People almost entirely can only be selfish if they wish to survive. Work, starvation, propaganda, and executions are common at the camp. I don’t want any more children sent to the camps and their mothers forced to divorce their fathers.


Being the relatives of his grandfather, who one day disappeared from work and was sent to a hard labour camp for being an enemy of the state. pylngyang

But slowly and methodically his very powerful and rich family had all of their material wealth stripped from them by the communist party of North Korea. Ten Years in the North Korean Gulag, also tells the true story of a young man’s time in a North Korean prison camp, but from a different vantage point. To the outside world, North Korea is a backwards country that pyongayng clueless and frankly crazy.

They were still under close surveillance though and Kang’s father and grandmother died within a few years of their release. No matter the defector, they are always stunned to see the prevalence of meat. It was originally written in French and later translated into English. The author was imprisoned, as a child, together with his entire family–mother, father, uncles, sister and This book is a horror story about unspeakable suffering and human evil and it is hard not to be moved by it.

The whole family had miraculously survived. I’d rather spend our military on freeing N Korea than on friggin Iraq and Afghanistan. And, finally, the authorities came for the rest of the family and hauled them away in the bed of a tarp-covered truck. Hunger quashes man’s will to help his fellow man. What made this book special is that it was written by someone whose family: This book is very interesting for the opposite reason; since you see the camp from the view point of a person who has known the best life has to offer and then is thrust into the dark world of the North Korean Gulag.