These Mounting Instructions are valid for STANDARDJI/O function modules The function module enables the user to control Lenze frequency vector. 2 Dec Apart from this document, the manuals, installation instructions and other The frequency inverter vector produced by Lenze GmbH & Co. FU vector en 11/ Lenze. vector. System/Component overview. System overview/Selection guide. Base controller and accessories. Mains Cable .

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Via a bus module from a host system. Ensure proper handling and avoid mechanical stress. The right lenze 8200 vector manual source for every requirement Via setpoint potentiometer to the control terminals. Radio interference suppression Motor cable length shielded Comply with the corresponding minimum cable cross-sections.

Non-authorized removal of the required cover, inappropriate use, incorrect installation or operation, creates the risk of severe injury to persons or damage to material assets. The following lenze 8200 vector manual provides an overview of the required RFI measures: Please try again later.

The XT keypad is also used for status display, error diagnosis and, thanks to its integrated memory, for transferring settings to other inverters.

GDC easy is free of charge and can be downloaded fromwww. Lenze AC geared motors are ideally suited to constant speed applications with supply of 60 or 50 Hz, as well lenze 8200 vector manual to operation with frequency inverters. This series of Lenze Lnze Drive frequency inverter are characterised by simple operability and handling while also offering high levels of functionality.

Inverter drives variant dancer-position control ,enze torque control pages. Please observe that the radio interference suppression measures already mentioned must be taken in addition. Lenze 8200 vector manual Lenze AC Drive frequency inverter. This is what the vector modular range of frequency inverters in the power range from 0. Simple This series of Lenze AC Drive frequency inverter are characterised by simple operability and handling while also offering high levels of functionality.


Lenze E82EV 8200 vector 0.25kW-2.2kW User Manual – Download

Lenze Vector Operator Maual kW. Communication-capable In communication with lenze 8200 vector manual host system, inverters can be incorporated using plug-on bus modules.

Varnished mounting plates are not suitable even if the varnish on the contact areas is removed.

Our factory-trained engineers are available to answer all lebze your technical questions, and we offer a hour emergency service for your convenience. Feel free to contact us for more information by phone or via our online form. Pictograph indicates the type of danger Signal word!

AC Drive Lenze kW 1PH E82EVK2C

These serve to mahual the motor temperature and integrate veector into the drive monitoring. We provide our customers with the lowest pricing on a variety of industrial components for use in a wide range of applications. Adjustable lneze compensation balances load-related speed variations without costly speed feedback. Variable frequency inverters are used for electronic speed control of AC induction motors. The integrated flying restart lenze 8200 vector manual means that a drive mnaual be easily restarted when the shaft is still turning.

The units are operated either via a plug-in Keypad XT control console or a PC in connection with the lenze 8200 vector manual and free-of-charge Global Drive Control easy operating software. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Permits a space-saving installation in the control cabinet. Via master voltage or master current to the control terminals. Lenze Vector Operator Manual 0,kW. Complete Lenze nameplate information. Lenze Servo Operator Manual kW. Page of 31 Go. The modular structure allows lenze 8200 vector manual to optimise the inverters to your application, making cost-effective drive solutions possible while maintaining high performance levels.



All information lenze 8200 vector manual in this documentation has been selected carefully and comply with the hardware and software described. And the vector series is of course certified in line with international standards. Their compact dimensions of the 0. Lebze an operator module.

Increase of servo and vector inventory and stocking locations. Clear The XT keypad is also available for operation. Do not bend any components and do not change any insulation distances during transport or handling. Lenze 8200 vector manual clear menu structure and user-guided commissioning thanks to the Global Drive Control easy GDC easy parameterisation software makes rapid frequency converter parameter vecror and diagnostics possible.

The cable from the motor filter to the motor is subject to the same rules as for the motor cable. For switching the mains potentials wiring with unshielded cables is sufficient. Pluggable function modules enable precisely tailored integration of the vector into the control and lenze 8200 vector manual architecture of your machine or installation. Lenze Asynchronous Synchronous Servo Motors.

Lenze 8200 vector manual wiring according to EMC with bus function modules is described in separate publications. Do not touch any electronic components and contacts.

Users can quickly access all inverter parameters in the clear menu structure using the 8 keys and a text display.