The Ellie Chronicles Book Series (3 Books). From Book 1. Wojna sie Kroniki Ellie Wojna sie skonczyla walka wciaz trwa by John Marsden (1 Jan. ). Buy Kroniki Ellie Wojna sie skonczyla walka wciaz trwa 1 by John Marsden (ISBN : ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free. Jutro 5 Go – John Marsden – books in polish. € Jutro 5 Gorączka [Miękka] · John Marsden Kroniki Ellie 3 Przyciągając burze [Miękka] · John Marsden.

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But even though he marsdne more issues than a shell-shocked veteran, I kind of grew to like him in this novel. I also want to know if she finishes school, what will happen to the farm and Gavin, and how the peacekeeping on the border is going to work.

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Similarly, Homer is almost a passive character. Apr kroni,i, Annabelle rated it really liked it. There’s a good bit of war-related ellei too, though.

Packed full of action and human drama, John Marsden’s Incurable delivers another fast-paced adventure that will thrill old fans and new readers like. I did like the bit where we learn more about Gavin’s family history, but I really don’t think the Ellie Chronicles live up to the original series Tomorrow When the War Began.

I would have strongly preferred it if, after the death of her parents, Marsden had stopped making new bad stuff happen and instead had focussed on her trying to overcome her traumatic experiences.

The beginning of this story was very interesting. Preview — Incurable by John Marsden.

Jean-Philippe Arrou-Vignod – Polska Ksiegarnia w UK

Trivia About Incurable The El But in terms of dialogue and interaction? That’s marsdsn books need to be descriptive, interesting and succinct and to the point. While Lee is still an occasional presence in this installment, Fi barely rates a mention. While Lee is still an occasional presence in this installment, Fi barely rates a mentio Plot summary: Sure, she arguably went through more in the war, but that felt realistic.

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But things are tough. The only exchanges they’ve really had is one where they talk about war and another when Jeremy kinda randomly massages Ellie’s neck- which was very awkward by the way. And the way she saves masrden is awesome, and typical Ellie. Open Preview See a Problem?

John Marsden

Books are supposed to be engaging- they’re supposed to provoke our imaginations. This is extremely disappointing. It wasn’t even that good But Ellie, for some reason, and I quote, is ‘starting to fall seriously in love with Jeremy’. Once again, I cannot stress this enough- careful what you wish for.

But with her friends involved in an underground guerilla movement, and a troubled young boy to look after, normal rapidly becomes elusive. As exciting and compelling as one would expect!

It was really slow and didn’t seem to go anywhere by the end. I am desperate to find a paper copy of this book and I can’t seem to get it anywhere, if someone knows where I might get it please let me no. But the shift away from the characters that I’ve read about and loved for so many years is making me a little hesitant to keep reading this series. To ask other readers questions about Incurableplease sign up.

For me, that is the worst kind of bad- there Note: Apr 16, Jody rated it liked it. I don’t know what the result of this was as I didn’t read it but I don’t think it matters- I already know that Ellie randomly decides to fall in love with Lee at the end of Circle of Flight.

These details would make a perfectly good story if the action scenes hadn’t been jammed in. Again, I’m at a loss as to the point of this added series. You’d think more effort would be put into this- for godsakes, Ellie, Lee and Homer were in the war together! Oct 03, Ashleigh Motbey rated it liked it. I thought maybe we’d find out that the boy he was w I really don’t know what the point of this series is. If it weren’t for the semi interesting step father plot that I will unfortunately not be able to read plot summary might’ve done better on that too then this would have been a one.


Either way I hope the next book, the ending of the series will be amazing. I’m not going to read the rest of Incurable and I am most certainly not going to bother reading Circle of Flight.

Nov 25, Lucas Darathy rated it it was ok. Mikaela Martin Read by. Except for this time I felt not so much wow factor.

Also being able to see Lee’s life now that he has to take care of all his siblings. I absolutely do not recommend this series whatsoever.

I have not completed the entire story- I would have given this book a one but I know that the final part was sort of interesting I read the plot summary.

Why he is the way he is with certain things and certain people. I liked how we finally learned about Gavin’s past and what happened to his family. So now we have to accept that all those kids willingly go through the hellish things our heroes went through in the first series.

Ellie is at it again.