Geometry – Volumes I & II. Description: Tanton’s take on the standard high. Thinking Mathematics! (10 volumes). Prices: Most are $ (but Volume 6. Think Puzzles and Think Cool Math. Here are some essays illustrating.

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He publishes articles and papers, creating and doing new math. Rationals and Irrationals Chapter Complex Numbers Chapter Historical Problem Number 2 Chapter 6: And he shares the mathematical experience with teachers and students of all ages, helping them publish research results too!

The Galley Method Chapter 8: Written for educators – and their students too! Brief Introduction to Advanced Topics. Solve This proves it!

A resource for teachers and students. Divisibility Rules Chapter 9: It is a collection of intriguing mathematical problems and activities linked by common themes that involve working with objects from our everyday experience.

About | G’Day Math

The Counting Numbers Chapter 2: We all do mathematics everyday. The Algebra of Polynomials. Loose Ends Chapter Euclidean Algorithm Chapter Modular Arithmetics Chapter Showcases some of the best activities and student outcomes of the St. James Tanton believes that the ultimate goal of the mathematics curriculum is to teach self-reliant thinking, critical questioning and the confidence to synthesize ideas and to re-evaluate them.


Figurate Numbers Chapter 3: We want to promote thinking and joyous doing, conceptual understanding over rote practice and memorization.

James Tanton : Thinking Mathematics!

Generating Functions Chapter Differential Calculus Chapter 7: Written for educators – tangon their students too! Mathematics is all around us. Sophisticated mathematics is accessible to all. Factors and Primes Chapter 4: Counting Principles Chapter Complex Numbers Chapter 4: A resource for teachers and students.

Written for educators, high-school students and math enthusiasts of all ages and all backgrounds, this text starts at twnton very beginning of mathematical thinking — counting — and gradually unveils layers of understanding and wondrous delight through the power of thinking deeply about simple ideas. Folding Properties, Reflection Properties.

Geometry I & II

What is the value of pi for a square? Volumes 3 onwards tackle the traditional topics of the high-school curriculum. In James founded the St. This is the first book of a multi-volume series exploring joyful mathematics thinking and doing. Functions and Their Graphs pages Chapter 1: He gives math talks and conducts math workshops all across the continent and overseas. Books Take your understanding to the next level with easy to understand books by James Tanton.

Brief Review of Exponents and Logarithms. Can the value of pi change? Transformations of Iames all that! James recently relocated tantkn Washington D.


Trigonometry as the Typical First Experience Chapter 7: Rational Functions and their Graphs — Definitions, limits to infinity, asymptotes, graphs of rational functions. Polynomials and their Graphs — Definitions and tabton of polynomials in factored form.

Convergent Series Chapter Slope, e, i, pi and all that! Function Theory — Definition of a function, the notation of functions, composition, iteration, inverse functions and graphs of basic functions. He worked as a college professor for a decade, as a high-school teacher for a decade, and is now the Mathematician in Residence at the Mathematical Association of America in Washington D.

Parametric Equations Chapter Discover for yourself that wheels need not be round, that braids need not have free ends, that it is always best to turn around twice — and more!

Graphing and Maxima and Minima Chapter Probability and Statistics pages Part 1: Advanced Mathematcis and Advanced Algebra Systems for the continuation of this story.