Download this stock image: Hussein Moalim Mohamud Sheikh Ali, the National Security Advisor to the President of the Federal Government of Somalia. In as much as Sheikh Ali Mohamed Hussein, the Al-Shabab official who was in charge of the group’s insurgency in Mogadishu says they plan more attacks on. Kismayu at midnight,” al Shabaab spokesman, Sheikh Ali Mohamud not perished, so the worry is what next,” said local elder Ali Hussein.

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Now we are terrified.

The loss of Kismayu a day after it was attacked by Kenyan and Somali soldiers backed by air strikes is a major blow to the al Qaeda-linked rebels, weakening morale and depriving them of revenue from taxing local businesses and shipping. Cyrus Oguna declined to comment on the statement by the Somali government, saying Kenyan troops, fighting under the AMISOM banner, were yet to take control of the port facilities. Al Shabaab, which formally merged with al Qaeda in February, has pulled out of a number of urban areas including the capital, Mogadishu, in recent months under pressure from African Union AU peacekeeping forces and the Somali government.

Although al Shabaab brought a semblance of law and security in Kismayu, its strict version of Islamic law alienated a huge portion of the population, residents said. Analysts warned against prematurely assuming the rebels had disappeared, saying they must have left a few fighters behind.

One man who was loudly celebrating the departure of al Shabaab fighters from the city was shot dead, residents said. Four more people, including a Muezzin – the person who calls prayers at a mosque – were shot dead in the same manner in the afternoon, residents told Reuters.


Somalia has had a share of zheikh war crisis since the militia group began controlling part of its towns. The Al-Shabab militia group which was responsible for the deadly siege at Maka Al Mukarama has confirmed that Somalia should expect more similar attacks. Everyone in Kismayu is dumb, silent.

The insurgents, who once controlled swathes of the lawless Horn of Africa country, have turned to guerrilla tactics, harrying the weak government of newly-elected President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud with suicide bombings and assassinations. Forces Kill 62 Shrikh Militants in Taliban Commander Mullah Nusrat alongside 11 of His Somali intelligence forces which analysts say are in better shape for now have successfully foiled several attacks, however despite the small progress security threats from Al-Shabab remain.

Drone Strikes Kill 15 Terror Militants in The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. The alert comes at a time when forces have confirmed the arrest of Al-Shabaa Hussfin Said Swaleh Awadh who was arrested on Monday 30 th in Kenya after he tried to cross into Somalia.

Hussein Moalim Mohamud Sheikh Ali, the National Security Advisor to Stock Photo: – Alamy

This can only be achieved by ensuring that the borders are well guarded so no infiltration takes place. A few days after the end of the deadly attack on the Maka Al Mukarama Hotel in Somalia in which close to 30 people were killed and scores injured, the militants have once again threatened to stage more hotel attacks in Somalia. Kenyan military spokesman Col. Abdi SheikhFeisal Omar. Residents said the fighters who abandoned Kismayu had moved to jungles that lie between Kismayu and Afmadow to the north, as well as to other towns north of the port city like Jamame and Kabsuma.


Somalia’s al Shabaab rebels pull out of Kismayu bastion | Reuters

The militants which have affirmed that they are committed to stage more of such attacks have also indicated that in their fights in Somalia, their main targets include government officials and possibly persons in the African Union forces in the horn of Africa nation. The rebel group, which counts foreign all Qaeda-trained fighters among its ranks, is seen as one of the biggest threats to stability in the Horn of Africa.

It was not until the Kenya Defence Forces intervened, being backed by the United Nation that Somalia began to gain its stability. Security analysts working with intelligence experts have therefore pointed out that more needs to be done to ensure that the number of the militant does not increase.

The government in Mogadishu said Kismayu was now under its control and called on residents to co-operate with security agencies and AU forces in improving security. Sheikh Ali Mohamed Hussein.

Sheikh Ali Mohamed Hussein

March 31, 0 comment. Let them enter Kismayu which will soon turn into a battlefield.

This came as a warning to hotel owners who rent the premises to government officials.