11 Mar Huntron Instruments — Series — User Manual The Tracker Series is a useful and efficient troubleshooting tool enhanced by the. Tektronix, Inc., P.O. Box , Wilsonville, OR – Huntron and Tracker are registered trademarks of Huntron, Inc. TR Service Manual. Including: huntron instruction, huntron operation maintenance, htr b1s maintenance, huntron htr b1s operator, huntron tracker htr

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Here is a link to a schematic diagram: It is solid state. Curtis, Many thanks for huuntron responses, I am stuck, can not find a huntron tracker 1000 manual component that is bad, but after removing and checking c17 and d4 the double dot has become a single dot and the horizontal and vertical controls have stopped responding. Am I on the right track or is the Rev J pcb different?

Huntron Instruments Series Test Set User Manual

Check for a sinewave into the signal transformer. At one point way back, there was an oscillator replacement kit for a while. BTW any suggestions for the horizontal sweep failure, i. The symptom that they huntron tracker 1000 manual bad is usually a single dot in the middle on the CRT indicating that the sweep in gone.

Use tuner cleaner if you have some.

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Sorry, the only diagrams I could find were the ones I posted earlier. I have the service manual for the older brown black model but the schematic is different, mine is gray.

HTRB-1S Schematic

You can losing the sweep if they are excessively dirty. It might not be a drop in replacement traccker it would get the unit working again May 02, Home Help Search Login Register. I don’t remember the details, but If anyone is curious I will dig them up. September 17, I was huntron tracker 1000 manual poor student at the time.

Here’s one that MAY work although I have to say I’m not familiar with the oscilator in the B although the cost might not be worth it Can you suggest a solution or a probable cause? Can’t find the 80Hz oscillator on this board. I’m not sure if huntron tracker 1000 manual was a “test post” but I’ll reply anyway Not for nothing but I would huntron tracker 1000 manual one would be able to find a suitable replacement somewhere to resurrect this unit May 07, Sorry to revive such an old post, but perhaps there are others who are looking for this information and would like an answer.

Toggle navigation Huntron Support Forum. Tracker 80HZ osc 6 Replies Views. I believe that rev J has some other circuitry that is causing this. I may be able to find a schematic.

The Tracker with serial prefix 21A did not have the same oscillator as the older types. And for a few bucks it was better than buying another Tracker. You may need to trace the sinewave signal huntron tracker 1000 manual from the oscillator section of the Tracker. I will look into the Rev teacker. Toggle navigation Huntron Support Forum.


Home Help Search Login Register. Another thing that just came to mind is to clean the range 10000 well. Somewhere your losing the horizontal sweep.

HTR1005B-1S Schematic

J and unit serial no is 21A huntron tracker 1000 manual Obviously this will provide 60hz instead of 80, but it still functioned normally, as far as I could tell anyway. The ‘extra’ fuse hhuntron is on the oscillator board is wired in series with the front panel common black jack.

Does anyone have a schematic for this board, or the service manual? Hi Many thanks, this will help.

huntron tracker 1000 manual I did this type of thing time and time again The horizontal sweep looks like it is dead. I have worked this problem in the past by tapping the ac, stepping it down, isolating it and running it to the signal transformer.