Godfre Ray King, met the Ascended Master Saint Germain in August of on Mount Shasta, in Northern California. Then, under Saint Germain’s guidance. 15 Jul The first book is entitled Unveiled Mysteries and is written by Godfr√© Ray King. After doing a little googling, I discovered that this is the pen. Results 1 – 14 of 14 Buy godfre ray king Books at Shop amongst 14 popular books, including The best of Godfre Ray King, Unveiled Mysteries and.

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Blind Leading Blind, Pt 2.

After the lecture and the drinking, King went back down into the town. Blind Leading Blind, Pt 3. Ballard’s experiences take place within the larger North American mountain ranges. I really hope it has dinosaurs. It takes no political stance in any nation.

Godfre Ray King | Saint Germain’s Teachings

According to the official website of the parent organization, the Saint Germain Foundationits worldwide headquarters is located in Schaumburg, Illinoisand there are approximately local groups worldwide under several variations of the names “I AM” Sanctuary, “I AM” Temple, and other similar titles.

Also, they had a lot of gold. On Teton, Saint Germain led King to a boulder, which he rolled away to reveal an ancient door.

The Internal Revenue Service revoked their tax-exempt status instating it did not recognize the movement as “a religion”. Retrieved from ” https: He plays with the cougar and then goes back home. Ballard lectured frequently in Chicago about Saint Germain’s mystical teachings, in which America was destined to play a key role.


The spirit turned out to be the Count of Saint Germain, kingg ascended master, and Saint Germain began to lay some heavy philosophy on him. After doing a little googling, I discovered that this is the pen name of Guy Ballard, the fellow who founded the church.

“I AM” Activity

Discernment Intro, Pt 1. The Spirit of the Law. A court ruling in overturned the ruling of the IRS and re-established the group’s tax-exempt status. Ballard visited Mount Shasta, California inwhere he said he met another hiker who identified himself as the Count of St.

Views Read Edit View history. It also makes me ra if Guy Ballard and L. Looking into his eyes, Godfre immediately realized that this was no yodfre person.

Interpreting this decision, the Ninth Circuit later found that the Court did not go so far as to hold that “the validity or veracity of a religious doctrine cannot be inquired into by a Federal Court. Cult led by Guy Ballard”.

In fact, he goes todfre for ra pages describing it. Links To Other Sites. By affirming something one desires, one may cause it to happen. Lullabies for all Ages. Favorite New Age Songs. Footprints in the Sand. Intro to Saint Germain’s Path. An ancient civilization, set in the Sahara Desert, before it was a desert. Then, under Saint Germain’s guidance, Godfre, along with his wife, Lotus, created the Saint Germain Foundation in and began sharing with audiences throughout the United States his experiences with Saint Germain as well as with other Ascended Masters and their teachings.


From these Great Ascended Realms they continue to help the world by pouring down to us streams of light gofre love, which protect, illumine, and uplift us from our own self-created misery.

Guy Ballard

How Religions Get Distorted. The movement believes in the existence of a group called the Ascended Mastersa hierarchy of supernatural beings that includes the original Theosophical Masters such as Jesus ChristEl Morya KhanMaitreyaand in rsy several dozen more beyond the original 20 Masters kking the Ancient Wisdom of the original Theosophists as described by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.

Ballard served in the U. In United States v.

Founder of the “I AM” Activity. Advanced Guidance Pt 3. This would make a good substitute for The Eye of Argon at convention reading parties. Dalai Lama’s 18 Rules.

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