Gena Showalter’s “Dating the Undead” in which twelve hunky male models pose as the twelve Lords from Showalter’s venerable series. Title: Dating the Undead Authors: Gena Showalter and Jill Monroe Genre: Paranormal Publication Date: December 27, Format. Buy a cheap copy of Dating the Undead book by Gena Showalter. They’re drop- dead handsome—and we’re not kidding!Welcome to the first and only guide.

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I got a kick out of the ads that are littered throughout the book. Well, I finally checked it out and what I found is that this is a really genx read. The quizzes cracked me up, and I guess I’m “ready, willing and eager to date a creature of the otherworld.

I have to say that these two showalteg have produced a very unique, addicting and amazingly fun idea with the paranormal magazine parody! On each Page, click on the series name to go directly to my review. There is something for fans of vampires, zombies, angels, demons, dragons, werewolves…. Jill Monroe Goodreads Author.

Oct 13, Jessica at Book Sake rated it really liked it. LMAO You will find some shwoalter the funniest comments and sowalter. I was literally cracking up with all the immortal style marketing pages included. Many of the articles poked fun at other paranormal books sparkling vampires, check as well as the overused cliches in the genre mortal male best friend that ends up causing a love triangle when he really never stands a chance-this one got a while article on how to keep him in the friend zone.

Well there’s food and drink recipes that will be sure to make their mouth water! I loved reading a joke or about a product on one page and then seeing it crop up again several pages later. This book has that and so much more fun with articles and quizzes!

Dating the Undead

It’s written like a fake magazine, complete with tongue in cheek advertisements. I’ve picked up hundreds of magazines in my lifetime and usually I just skip to the parts I enjoy, I was amazed that all of the little things I typically ignore like fan letters and horoscopes were included and that they were just as fun and amusing as the longer pieces.


Also included is a fiction treat: When reading you can’t discount the ads, as they are part of the fun. All in all, Dating the Undead had me laughing out loud the whole time, from its sjowalter featuring a sexy undead model, to the Dead Bull ad at the end.

Once she told me about it, I had to rush over to Amazon and grab myself a copy. Maddox and Paris steam up the pages with sneak peaks into their books. Everything in Tge The Datung is so well written that you may actually start to believe this is a real magazine. Not only is the guy on the cover seriously hawt, but the excerpt of Sowalter story would be worth buying this alone. This was a great tongue in cheek read, a Cosmo style book, but where the content is all things paranormal.

I liked the Gena and Jill’s version of zombies as video game loving showaltfr food addicts. Harlequin Number of Pages: Gena and Jill have created a witty novel that brings xhowalter life the immortals that we have read about adding a whole new side to our obsessions!

It even garnered some secretive extra glances in the waiting room. Sshowalter favorite thing though was the ads. If it’s true that we are what we eat, then you could be me by morning! To ask other readers questions about Dating the Undeadplease sign up. Other than the pictures, there are tons of parody advertisements geared toward the day-to-day lifestyle of the Undead Coffin Klein, anyone? Need advice on how showalteg snag a date with your ideal paranormal guy? I’ve heard sex with a zombie is a killer, and I’m ready to die happy!

Mar 24, Rexanna Ipock-Brown rated it really liked it. I had been eyeing this book — or book magazine — for quite awhile now.

Dreaming In Books: Review and Giveaway: Dating the Undead by Gena Showalter and Jill Monroe

Here is a forbidden-fruit salad of features, fiction, fashion, and more, including: It is definitely for the Immortal lover in all of us. Pregnancy Test indicates the species of the expected bundle of joy ; Howlex wristwatches for werewolves and vampires ; Devlon nail polish in devilish colors ; Jimmy Chew shoes; ReCover Girl to hide your vamp bites ; L. Totally plausible and hot.

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My only complaint is that there isn’t another 1 coming out next month!!! Dec 18, Brenda rated it it was amazing Shelves: May 03, Jacqui rated it it was amazing Shelves: I’ve picked up hundreds of magazines in my lifetime and usually Kndead just skip to the parts I enjoy, I was amazed that Review originally posted on Bitten Books and given 4 stars. Demons and my fave! One of my favorites was the Coffin Klein unvead.

Can’t decide which Immortal creature is undad you? When they offered it for review to me, I jumped on the chance! The endless drool-worthy pictures are awesome – remember back in the day when you used to grab those pop and movie mags, drool over the pics of the hot guys and hang them up tthe the wa How much fun does this sound?!

Inside the pages you will find articles on all sorts of topics that will be helpful for you and your immortal, quizzes, recipes, an excerpt to The Darkest Seduction and more. Dating the Undead is the type of book that any paranormal lover would love and I can guarantee that you would find yourself picking it up off the shelf and rereading it from time to time.

There are some creative advertisements and interesting articles. Want to spice up your sex life with your yummy angel? Guaranteed to be the best romance finder on the market for that perfect Undead mate! Feb 13, Kari rated it really liked it Shelves: