In Petersburg in the eighteen-forties a surprising event occurred. An officer of the Cuirassier Life Guards, a handsome prince who everyone. Father Sergius: Leo Tolstoy: Fiction after Otets Sergy (written ; Father Sergius), which may be taken as Tolstoy’s self-critique, tells the story of a proud. He takes the name “Father Sergius.” Although he becomes a celebrated churchman, he continues to struggle with pride and lust. Written during Tolstoy’s later.

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Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. By the time he was eighteen he had finished his College course and received a commission as lieutenant in an aristocratic regiment of the Guards. He began to love me and desired me.

It must be so. He sat down at once, and with an evidently accustomed movement slipped the straps of his wallet first off one shoulder and then off the other. Yes, there is no God for the man who lives, as I did, for human praise. He wrote that he felt his weakness and incapacity to struggle against temptation without his help and penitently confessed his sin of pride. She talked to him and asked him to visit her.

But that is good. Is it not rather a temptation that I wish to abandon all the joys of earth and prepare something for myself there where perhaps there is nothing?

He was particularly in love that day, but did not experience any sensual desire for her. His prayers worked miracles for others, but in his own case God had not granted him liberation from this petty passion. He had retained his purity and had chopped off his finger.

But what sort of prayer is it? Father Sergius again told him to get up, and thinking how heavy his activities were and how he went through with them patiently notwithstanding, he sighed heavily and after a few seconds of silence, said:. Towards evening he approached a village, but without entering it went towards the cliff that overhung the river.


He felt a rush of blood to his head and first went pale and then suddenly flushed. He played with the cadets, surrounded himself with them, treating them sometimes with childish simplicity, sometimes as a friend, and then again with majestic solemnity.

Such great fame, and now like this. The Abbot was standing by the wall in his vestments. The less importance he attached to the opinion of men the more did he feel the presence of God within him.

Holiness is Being a Vagabond: Reflections on Tolstoy’s “Father Sergius”

He is thinking of me just as I am thinking of him. Then monastic ambition, the very thing he had found so repulsive in other monks, arose within him. He is ordered to become a hermit. This so disturbed the prince that he gave up the world and entered a monastery to live a life of purity and devotion to God. I would bow to your feet but I know it would make you feel awkward.

Come into the dining-room for tea.

Symbolically, Siberia is on the edge of the world. Yes, one good deed — a cup of water given without thought of reward — is worth more than any benefit I imagined I was bestowing on people. This web edition published by: September Playlist Mockingbird says:. He tried as it were to keep his mind in blinkers, to see nothing but the light of the candles on the altar-screen, the icons, and those conducting golstoy service.

She sat down on his bed — a bench only covered by a bit of carpet — and began to take off her boots.

Father Sergius

He has blessed you, and sergiu more do you want? There he felt for the block and for an axe which leant against the wall.

All this was an old story and not in the least interesting to him. He submitted to custom and yielded to the devil, and only the peasant garb reminded him of the thought and feeling he had had. She rose, took her stockings over to the stove, and hung them on the damper.


He is sent to Siberia, where he now works as the hired man of a well-to-do peasant, teaching the gentleman’s young children and working in the fatheg. Until he can become master of his own soul, the monk relies on exoteric teachings, the regulated life of the monastery, and the authority of the Abbott as legitimate aids. She had — with a feeling of self-satisfaction — just taught Lukerya how to mix the dough, when her six-year-old grandson Misha, wearing an apron and with darned stockings on his crooked little legs, ran into the kitchen with a frightened face.

This is the opposite from today when women are now free to pursue their sexual lusts and it is the responsibility of men to respect the line under their own power.

As it was, he not only bore it all joyfully but found in it solace and support. Women, in return, flattered by such an evaluation, strove to be goddesses. And how about that monk? But next day it was in autumn and the nights were wergius cold on going out for water he saw the same mother with her son, a pale boy of fourteen, and was met by the same petition.

Father Sergius | work by Tolstoy |

As a convenience, we are set up to accept online donations via Paypal. It was a wonderful May evening, when the birches, aspens, elms, wild cherries, and oaks, had just burst into foliage. He now had neither love nor humility nor purity.

In the depth of his soul he felt that the devil had substituted an activity for men in place of his former activity for God. I can swim and should not drown. Anyone have any other suggestions on the transmutation process? Kasatsky proposed and was accepted.

But there is no brazier here.