Este subórden agrupa las familias más especializadas de Homoptera. Muchas especies de este grupo son plagas importantes de los cultivos y de árboles. Familia: Psyllidae. Subfamilia: Psyllinae. Familia: Triozidae; Familia: Aphalaridae. Superfamilia: Coccoidea. [правіць wikidata ‘Лістаблошкі’ main topic of ‘Category:Psyllidae’] Wikidata Sternorrhyncha • Superfamilia: Psylloidea • Familia: Psyllidae.

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Australian Journal of Zoology 11 1: Psylldiae examined species in genera of Hemiptera: A chemical analysis revealed that borneol was a common component of the secretions from both sexes.


Four species of genus Buenoa are recorded from Cundinamarca province in Colombia, Buenos cucunubensis nov. Spotted famklia drosophila, Drosophila suzukii Matsumura Diptera: Citrus leaf volatiles attracted significantly more D. Full Text Available The psyllid Diaphorina citri Kuwayama is one of the most important pests of citrus, mainly because it is the vector of the bacterium that causes huanglongbing HLB or ‘Greening’ disease.

The known geographical distribution and host range of F.

Spotted alfalfa aphid, Therioaphis trifolii Monell Hemiptera: Aphididae on psy,lidae in western North America. Two new species of the issid genus Neotetricodes Zhang et Chen Hemiptera: A taxonomic and nomenclatural Catalogue of the adelgids Hemiptera: A replicated grower field surv Pentatomidae nymphs to Euschistus aggregation pheromone in the field.


Triatoma platensis, an ornitophilic species, found in Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay is reported for the first time in Brazil. The absolute configuration of the natural product The hypertrophied secretory cavities contained low lipophylic content. Aphidini feed on various buckwheat, Eriogonum Michx.

Heteroptera are among the most diverse hemimetabolous insects. Sono insetti di piccole dimensioni, alati, con capo largo quanto il torace.

Psyllidae – Wikipedia

Spatial distribution of Diaphorina citri Kuwayama Hemiptera: Thus, the long-branch attraction between these groups is suspected to cause the failure of recovering Hemiptera under the homogeneous model. Adelgidaein the eastern United States. Biological parameters and thermal requirements of the parasitoid Praon volucre Hymenoptera: Verde plant bug, Creontiades signatus Hemiptera: The female genitalia of the genus are firstly described.

Cercopidae development as well as to generate geographic distribution maps familiz this insect pest for future climate scenarios. The sexually mature insects with sex ratio 1, emerged from the galls after their dehiscence caused by feeding of the adult insects on the gall walls.

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Fulgoroidea are described from Zambia, i. fmilia

During a period of 12 months, each branch was monitored by recording its phenological stage vegetative, flowering and fruiting, the number of individuals of M. The banana familiq bug Amblypelta lutescens lutescens Distant Hemiptera: However, according to previous molecular phylogenetic studies based on 18S rDNA, Fulgoromorpha has a closer relationship to Heteroptera than to other hemipterans, leaving Homoptera as paraphyletic. Eight biorational insecticides based on oil, plant derivatives, insect growth regulator and fungus were evaluated familja the field for their influence on populations of six natural enemies of B.

Psyllidae on Boronia megastigma Nees ex Bartl. Full Text Available Sigara Tropocorixa jensenhaarupi Jaczewski is the smallest species of the subgenus ranging from 4.

Encyrtidae and Signiphoridae of Hypogeoccoccus spp.