Abstract. This document is based on the original SQ80 Service Manual, which turned out to be hard to get. I was lucky getting a copy from. The (E)SQ synthesizers aswell as Ensoniq’s first sampler (which was a great .. fail and you need to reformat it manually (see for details). View and Download ENSONIQ SQ user manual online. cross wave. SQ Synthesizer pdf manual download.

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Unlike the JU, however, there is a door over the drive opening. Note that you should remove the pin ribbon cable from the main board at J3 instead of from the keyboard. Carefully turn the unit right side up.

Remove the metal shields from the mnual. Remove the six seres that fasten the metal main board shield of present to the case and keyboard frame.

This label contains important information concerning the care of the SQ80 disk drive and lists recommendations regarding the treatment of the drive during transport. Reinstall the power supply seres and lock washers and be sure to connect the ground wire from the line filter. There should only be sound coming from the right channel. There are also 5 sampled drum sets.

Also, be sure to switch off any noise reduction see Hardware Notes on page View the discussion thread. Before replacing the power supply board, first make sure that the insulator pad is in place. This will avoid you having to replace the cable as well. Images from Perfect Circuit Audio. Be sure that the cable lies beneath the keayboard and is not pinched under the keyboard frame.


If a unit has shields, make sure to put them back in. It is therefore important to note the serial number of the unit and to have this information handy when ordering a replacement drive.

Making note of the proper polarity, remove the keyboard ribbon cable from the old keyboard and install it on the new one. Three button presses in any order are needed to tell the SQ80 what to select.

ENSONIQ SQ-80 User Manual

Turn the unit off. Turn the unit off and turn ensnoiq upside down on a soft surface to replace the ten screws that secure the keyboard to the case. It is much more likely that the tape level is not set properly. See Appendix K for more details on how to install this ferrite bead. If the unit comes in with a blank display, but is in self- test mode i.

Note that these connectors are keyed and have connector locks. Sound Test a Select your favourite patch with velocity and pressure sensitivity and play. If a metal main board shield is present, remove the six screws that fasten esnoniq to the case and keyboard frame.

Ensoniq SQ | Vintage Synth Explorer

Failure on this page indicates a problem with the corresponding part, although it could also indicate a power supply failure or a main board problem. Note that they are keyed. Failure to connect the wires to their poer post can manuaal to a potentioal shock hazard! If the unit does not have shields, do not add them. In some units, these shields are attached using tinnerman clips with the screws.


If the memory does get scrambled, it will be necessary to re-initialize the system. Accessories and Parts from Syntaur.


Power up, re-initialize the system and tune the filters. Remove the six seres that fasten the metal main board shield if present to the case and keyboard frame. Keypad Test a After pressing Internal, press each soft-button to verify that the appropriate program name gets underlined. Polyphonic aftertouch simply means that each key pressed will respond to aftertouch independently of the other keys.

Reattach the disk drive cables. Immediately place defective drive in the anti-static bag that the new drive came in. Too low a record level will bury the data in tape hiss. Manual Find patches, info and sequences for the SQ at this Ensoniq synth site. There should only be sound coming from the left channel. Test the unit to make sure the keyboard is working properly.

Verify that the sequence is ensonis. Place the unit upside down on a soft surface.