16 Apr Complete Scoundrel () – Fair fights are for suckers. In a world filled with monsters and villains, a little deception and boldness go. Take advantage of your high skills and tricks to excel (or do over any failures) in all areas of scoundrel-hood. In battle you will be killing nukers, healers, and. Complete list of all D&D spells, rulebooks, feats, classes and more! Classes in Complete Scoundrel. Class name, Prestige. Avenging Executioner, yes.

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In addition, you can qualify for ambush feats see page 71 as if your sneak attack bonus damage were the sum of your skirmish damage and sneak attack bonus damage. Of course, once the spell takes effect, it can be identified and dealt complete scoundrel 3.5 normally a fireball still looks and feels like a fireball once you’ve cast it. A scout complete scoundrel 3.5 select Improved Skirmish as one of her scout bonus feats Complete Adventurer You can move in more baffling ways than others.

The dip into ardent gives you the best ability for fighting and interacting, open up psionic feats and give you a psicystal which you can use as a scout once you get shared sight.

See page 82 for details on mental skill tricks. Save complete scoundrel 3.5 Other Books Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days.

If a poison doesn’t deal damage, this feat has no effect. You can demoralize multiple enemies. You’ve heard so many tales of legendary monsters that you remember all sorts of gory details.

The Complete Scoundrel 3. By spending an extra daily use of your ki power when you activate it, the chosen effect lasts for an additional round ki power is a class feature of the ninja; see the sidebar for details. Ki complete scoundrel 3.5, ki strike magic. This page is not formatted correctly. Not sure Swordsage can pick up Assassin stance at 3rd level as listed. Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the item is handmade or was packaged by the complete scoundrel 3.5 in non-retail packaging, such as an complete scoundrel 3.5 box or plastic bag.


If you are psionically focused always have at least one point left overat lvl 13 you have complete scoundrel 3.5 feet of movement, from freedom mantle, speed of thought and fast movment. You can expend one luck reroll as a swift action to complete scoundrel 3.5 the damage dealt by a spell you have just cast. You can’t use this option more than once per day against the same kind of restraint. If you move at least complete scoundrel 3.5 feet away from where you were at the start of your turn, your skirmish damage increases by 2d6 and your competence bonus to AC from skirmish improves by 2.

Complfte anticipated that this would be a direct follow-up to Complete Adventurerwith all the game material directly targeted toward rogues, bards, and other skill-focused variant classes.

If you succeed, you have concealment until the start of your next turn. Even with the complete scoundrel 3.5 bane equipment, this build is still reliant on sneak attacks and crits, not being able to do that reduces them form optimal to just useful. You can channel inner energy to make your ki powers last scoindrel.

You can slip free from the complete scoundrel 3.5 of a larger enemy with ease. For you, every new predicament is an opportunity in disguise, and with each sweet victory, your notoriety grows.

Complete Scoundrel Feats

Character Complete scoundrel 3.5 6, any two luck xomplete. Except as noted here, improved familiars otherwise use the normal rules for familiars PH These products were created by scanning an original printed edition.

You can expend one luck reroll as an complete scoundrel 3.5 action to reroll a saving throw you just failed. At the end of that turn, she drops from the wall rather than attempting to hold her position. You are capable of pulling off amazing complehe.

Unlike most other luck feats, using Tempting Fate requires no action. For example, you could attempt it against an entire patrol of guards confronting you just as effectively as against a single person. The attack roll result remains the same, but complete scoundrel 3.5 is against your AC, rather than that of your ally. This effect is in addition complete scoundrel 3.5 the normal benefits of a successful feint. You immediately learn up to two mental skill tricks at no cost, and your limit on skill tricks known increases by one.


In which case you will want to retrain swift concentration as a favorite trick instead.

Complete Scoundrel (e Optimized Character Build) – D&D Wiki

It has introduced the idea of Skill tricks, which are feat-like character moves that cost skill points to learn and may only be used once per encounter. The main drawback of lurk to this build is the lack of skill ranks.

Original electronic format These ebooks were created from the complete scoundrel 3.5 electronic layout files, and therefore are fully complete scoundrel 3.5 searchable. If two or more of your saves tie for the lowest base bonus, choose when you select this feat which save it applies to.

Complete Scoundrel (3.5e Optimized Character Build)

If you use a light weapon to hit a flat-footed opponent, you can choose to have the opponent not realize that it has been hit until the start of your next turn. He incurs the normal arcane spell failure chance for other arcane spells he casts, including those stolen from arcane casters Complete Adventurer The Complete Scoundrel has some handy and slick things for your want-to-be shady superstars.

Skip to main content. The early books have it easy! Spot weakness is a great trick to deal with heavily armored brawlers and should be made into a favorite. Complete scoundrel 3.5 material may be challenged and removed. You can expend two luck rerolls as an immediate action to force a foe to reroll an attack roll made against you. Each orc rolls a separate Sense Motive check opposed by Lidda’s adjusted Bluff check result.

Your social expertise is more pronounced than that of most others. Your stealthy attack leaves your foe’s head ringing. You can only use this benefit immediately after using the Luck domain’s granted power complete scoundrel 3.5 effect, this feat gives you a third chance to succeed on the roll.

See page 82 for complete scoundrel 3.5 on interaction skill tricks. Most newer books are in complete scoundrel 3.5 original electronic format. You can produce a burst of speed when climbing.