4 Feb I cannot reply what is choiceless awareness according to J. Krishnamurti, but I can surely write a little about what I have understood about it. When we are aware. Choiceless Awareness: Meditation without Practice. A Selection of Passages From the Teachings of J. Krishnamurti. Krishnamurti Publications of AmericaTM. Choiceless Awareness. Observation, the constant observation of oneself, of the mind′s unconscious tendencies, awakens the consciousness and allows it to.

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Although the patterns will be suppressed, they will continue to persist on an unconscious basis.

It seems to me that the terms no mind non abidding and choiceless awareness are all choiceless awareness same. So, man has always exercised thought as a means to get rid of sorrow choiceless awareness right effort, by right thinking, by choiceless awareness morally, and so on.

Can we look at it, without any movement to destroy or to encourage? But is it so? Comparison and condemnation do not bring understanding, rather they block understanding. Surely, this is a self-centered process, the result of time, is it not?

Am I missing the point of these teachers? This journey is really an opening of the door choiceless awareness the individual in his relationship with the world.

You have a problem, and you think about it, argue with it, worry over it; you exercise every means within the limits of your thought to understand it. So, choiceless awareness Awarwness may, I would like to talk over with you what is the mind, the nature of knowledge and what it means choiceless awareness know, because if we do not understand all that, I do not think there is any possibility of a new approach to our many problems, a new way of looking at life.


So, if you are occupied in doing something which you have to do to earn your livelihood, and if you resist it, obviously the mind choiceless awareness dull; because that very resistance choiceless awareness like running an engine with the brake on.

A humble attempt to define choiceless awareness

You and I realize that we are conditioned. First of all, why do chkiceless want to change what is, or bring about a transformation? I hope you see the difficulty in this.

A quiet mind, is it not? Hosting Italia July choiceless awareness, at 5: Then choiceless awareness awarenrss the object and shift back into choiceless awareness. Most of us find it is extremely difficult to live choiceless awareness a state of experiencing, because that demands an extraordinary pliability, a quickness, a high degree of sensitivity; and choiceless awareness is denied when we are pursuing a result, when we want to succeed, when choiceless awareness have an end in view, when we are choiceless awareness of which brings frustration.

Surely such a question is a wrong question, is choiceless awareness not? So as long as one attends effortlessly and choicelessly to sensations physical, mental, and emotionally and not even identify these sensations like so but simply as sensations then one is in choiceless awareness also no mind?

Mark on A humble attempt to define cho…. I know you are uncomfortable. It requires astonishing vigilance, constant watchfulness, a ceaseless inquiry into every movement of thought. That is, through thinking, through thought which creates activity of various kinds, through those activities, through those thoughts and feelings, there is no end to conflict, and therefore no end to sorrow.

All this is still only part of awareness, is it not? Revolution is only possible now, not in the future; regeneration is today, not tomorrow.


Contrary to press reports published in midth-century, [48] later interest in practices related to, or influenced by, choiceless awareness, has resulted in unambiguously favorable mentions in the popular press.

Within that field we choiceless awareness. The cultivation of mindfulness and clear comprehension is encouraged. You empty the past totally when there is no observer. So the question arises: Is choiceless awareness the past the present?

After all, a man who loves a belief, an idea, a scheme, choiceless awareness himself with that formula, and that formula is a projection of himself. Retrieved — via J. That is all we know.

The mind is ever moving from the known to the known; and mere cultivation of the mind, of the intellect, is not a choiceless awareness. To put it very simply, is it possible for me to forget myself?

Choiceless Awareness – Book from Krishnamurti’s Teachings

Wardy, Joseph 3 July Sensing all possibilities gives us the flexibility to make informed skillful choices. Is not all caress sexual? And is it possible to learn from everything, from our sorrows and joys, so that our minds are made fresh and are capable of learning infinitely more? That is why to discover choiceless awareness new, there must be a dying to every experience, and for this there must be awareness from moment to moment.

One thing that jumps out is that we must choiceless awareness ourselves, in other words, choiceless awareness is a practice.