BF Transistor Datasheet, BF Equivalent, PDF Data Sheets. MOSFET. Parameters and Characteristics. Electronic Component Catalog. Part Summary. Manufacturer, Telefunken. Manufacturer’s Part Number, BF Manufacturer’s Web Site. Futurlec Part Number, BF Department, Transistors. Over As of , the Philips BF MosFET has been replaced by various surface mount mosFETs of similar performance. Some electronic parts distributers.

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Thus in this example, 0. I sell them for bf981 very small mark up of only about 20 bf981 30 percent on average.

BF981 – BF981 N-Channel Dual-Gate MOSFET SMD Transistor

bf981 I plan to make some more of these up when time bf91. The noise figures claimed bf981 some circuits published in European magazines are from 1.

Bf98 dual gate bf981 are some in house part number used by some company bf981 are supposedly similar to type 3n dg mosfets. The FT has plug in circuit cards and the receiver front end board unplugs rather easily and I bf981 a transistor socket for the RF stage amplifer and the bf981 stage.

bf981 With the circuit shown, the author obtained As one fellow says: I have about 40 or so available. The bf981 now works.

The author’s prototype uses a leadless mica type soldered directly on to the input connector pin. The adapter plate bf981 a much superior method. The pin out is a similar layout to the metal can package dg mosfets and with a bit of lead bf981 they can be bv981 in place of bf981 radial lead transistors.


Bf981 is good if you need only one with a spare for a receiver front end or something. They have a clamp around all 4 leads for Electrostatic protection. I did this with my FT on the RF board and the circuit worked bf981 well or better with this substitute. The Philips data sheets give typical noise figures for the BF as 0. I wish I had kept all the data books bf981 they threw them out at work!!

I have bf981 through testing in my Bf981 receive section. They are much less in cost than the RCA discontinued bf981 mosfet. I bought some bf981 these in bulk ie lots of 20 or bf981. Not sure bf981 it is low noise and good sensitivity or not. Bf981 must be low loss and preferably self resonant just above the two metre band, ie, it must exhibit high impedance.

If the noise, noise figure or signal changes, the bypass is ineffective. I would use a ground strap or ground yourself frequently when handling.

VK2ZAB Design 2 Metre BF Mosfet Preamp

C11 pF Bf981 capacitor. I will bf981 and buy some bbf981 stock but nf981 the mean time. Being stored with the leads clamped together is bf981 to prevent static damage.

With a bit of thought and planning and soldering. Curves are provided for determining the source admittance necessary to obtain these figures. The overall system noise figure would be 1.

I bf981 the leads and bf981 chip is actually upside down on the circuit board. The bandwidth is as broad as the proverbial bull’s foot. The reason for this probably lies in the type of input circuit bf981.

BF Datasheet(PDF) – NXP Semiconductors

Id say they are probably good parts. Enterprising hams can perhaps adapt these to their circuits bf981 solder fine transistor lead material to the axial leads thus creating radial wire leads. Bf981 a technician bf981 engineer.


bf981 Both DG Mosfets needed to be replaced. I can send in an envelope. I can spare some of these. Another substitute is the 3N Store them in a static safe storage bag bf981 antistatic foam on the leads or a wire shorting out the leads.

Scotts Radio Parts ie crystal bf981 parts.

The BF comes to mind. Seemed to work ok but I need to evaluate the circuit under real bf981 conditions. Commercial vendors and manufacturers would not do this unless they could not bf981 it. There are some bf981 neat discussions and you can search the archives on the web.

Even though it is gate protected with back to vf981 diodes Adjust C10 for maximum gain.

N-Channel MOSFET low noise amplifier

Whatever subsitute you try: I used the NTE semiconductor web site to find info and pdf file for this one. You can mount bf981 upside down on a circuit board and solder them in.

The hardest part might be locating wire for the lead material. Say one pF bf981 one pF. Below are the adapter plates that I used for the 3sk surface mount transistor. A seperate source of voltage bf981 appropriate adjustment may be used if convenient. MFE – crosses to Bf981 as does the more popular should be a good fit form bf981 replacement for the