Because They Wanted To [Mary Gaitskill] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Because They Wanted To by Mary Gaitskill. Charles Scribners. With her crisp prose and withering eye for detail, Gaitskill invests these scenes with psychological vividness and desolate poignancy. The title story is a portrait of. Because They Wanted To. By MARY GAITSKILL. Simon & Schuster. CHAPTER ONE. Read the Review. Tiny Smiling Daddy. He lay in his reclining chair, barely.

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I just wish that she would broaden her subject matter. She has Not as good as Don’t Cry, but still wonderful.

It is lurid and sublime and can be heartbreaking in a bunch of ways you never really experienced as a reader. She was polite and almost seemed fragile until someone said something she wantev with and she was quite intense in her response.

I really appreciate that; I like when writers manage to reflect their content with their style. An uncomprehending father helplessly bcause out at the daughter he both loves and resents.

Book Review: “Because They Wanted To” by Mary Gaitskill (A Collection of Short Stories)

Because They Wanted To: That said, I hated all of her characters. Yet she writes with such clear-headed sympathy for her characters, and presents their most complex emotional states with such accuracy, that the insight her writing provides is matched by the aesthetic pleasure readers will discover in her taut, biting prose. Aug wantes, Alyssa Knickerbocker rated it really liked it.

The worst thing I do at babysitting is eat all of the good food in the danted. In one novel, you will get a lot of in-depth investigation of any characters “issue,” but you I’ve written before about the fact that Mary Gaitskill is one of my favorite authors.

While reading, often this erotic charge pulsing through her work was disturbing, invasive.


Because They Wanted To by Mary Gaitskill

I relate too much. These stories left me uncomfortable without teaching me anything. It reads, sometimes, as kitschy–as if she can’t really escape this bondage-box, as if her characters are all sort of blurring jary and experiencing the same conflicts in different settings.

A New York Times Notable Book A man tells a story to a woman sitting beside him on a plane, little suspecting what gaitskoll reveals about his capacity for cruelty and contempt. Being a lesbian myself, I found it extremely off-putting that the only way she depicted lesbians was living “alternative lifestyles”; it seemed very reductive and ignorant. I’ll take Wuthering Heights over the withering depths, no matter how deftly rendered and they thry.

It also depicted lesbians making out with each other even while dating somebody else. Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! Unknowingly they marh with it. It seems like the message is, ‘everyone is shallow and into themselves. I was particularly struck by “The Dentist,” “The Blanket” and “The Girl on the Plane,” although maybe their somewhat more male focus appealed to me.

The best way I can describe the stories is to say that even the one that ends happily involves a rape fantasy I feel gross just typing that. In every story, I feel like Wanyed met real people, people who are Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today!

Because They Wanted To: Stories – Mary Gaitskill – Google Books

Sometimes these transitions were clear, but a lot of the time I found myself backtracking and struggling to follow the narrative flow am I in the past or present right now? Blanket Valerie starts up a relationship with a younger man named Michael. Her work might just hit too close to home. The best part of the book was the short novella at the end about a poetry professor who goes through a trio of very different relationships in four parts.

Nearly every story is actually two stories: Sam Potts Designed by. They have a short affair, but when her career finally takes off, she disappears from his life.


Because They Wanted To

Gaitskill frequently writes the way I feel somehow, which convinced me that even when the thoughts expressed were not mine, they are nonetheless real. I just wanted her to let it go, and I knew she could. For all their naughty sex talk, there’s very I wanteed had a mild crush on my wholesome cosmetic dentist, but I never went on a date with him.

Sign up and get a free eBook! I don’t normally love short stories because I love becoming attached to characters becuse really investing myself in a story, but I gotta say I loved this collection. Common terms and phrases Andy arms asked baby beautiful Becky body boys called chest coffee Daniel Dead Poets Society dentist dinner Dolores dominatrix door drink thfy of light Elise embarrassed Eric Erin eyes face fantasy father feel felt Frederick fuck funny girl girlfriend grabbed hair hand he’d head imagined Jacquie Jill Kenneth kind kiss Kitty knew L.

I’m not too compelled to read more of her work.

One theme I especially noticed in this one though aspects of it showed up in other stories was her exploitation of lesbian relationships. She still is, but this book of short stories is really intense.

This is a terrific collection of longish short stories by a writer with a very keen eye for the human condition and ear for language.

She’s in a tortured,illuminating duet with Leonard Cohen and his “There is a war between the man and the woman.