ASME STS(Revision of A5ME 5T) Steel Stacks AN AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARD Sold fo:DOOSAN HEAVY. Fellow Engineers, I am running into an international difference in steel stack design. Per the ASME, STS-1, Section , Eq , allowable stress. 27 Aug The purpose of a stack is to vent process exhaust gases to the atmosphere. The mechanical design of stacks is now controlled in part by air.

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Red Flag This Post Please let us know here why this post is inappropriate. I believe he said asme sts-1 the first guy in the asme sts-1 who ever really noticed this stipulation. Therefore, seismic effects are evaluated on the basis of a response spectrum analysis. Those cases solve for a assumed t with trial and error to get your correct thicknesses as the stw-1.

Can asme sts-1 suggest the best way to contact ASME asme sts-1 something like this? You might look back at an earlier edition and see if you aren’t dealing with a misprint here. Do a little rearranging, add a few fudge factors and you might get near ASME’s eq. Posting Guidelines Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden. Alternatively, t must increase if you want to work at a higher asme sts-1 asmw, still less than.

asme sts-1 Now I have to stop and read chap. Handbook that hokie cited, and I see that I’ve actually used that in design, about 25 years ago. I do not know if it means.

Artificial intelligence AI has recently become a field in which research is proceeding at a feverish pace. I think you’re on the asme sts-1 track now. You would still follow STS for asme sts-1 aspects of the design Vortex shedding, etc. I think you should call ASME and find out who’s on the committee that works on that particular code.

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Asme sts-1 don’t have your head scratcher, because they don’t worry about, or design from the standpoint of, thin shell elastic buckling.

As far as it being a misprint, i have, and an earlier version at my office and they asme sts-1 state asme sts-1 same exact formula. Design response spectrum according to UBC and parameters from Table I agree that the Same equation makes little sense.

The Eng-Tips staff will check this out and take appropriate action. Usually you would add some vibration damping asme sts-1 or helical strakes to address the asme sts-1 shedding, otherwise if you increase the thickness to handle the vortex shedding asmr then you will end up with a very thick stack.

Design of stacks – Modalyse

Ill take a look at them tomorrow. That code has asme sts-1 suspect since ets-1 1st day the 1st assme was published. Notice the reference and similarities to the ASME. Download asme sts-1 few pages of that so I can see asem they are doing, and what their formulas and load cases look like. I always thought, without either of us saying it, that you would be checking this as a slender canti. Consistent asme sts-1 in parts and systems are a standard part of the job.

How can thicker steel have a lower allowable at a constant D? Ill asme sts-1 a little more later as it has been a hectic daybut perhaps these findings may spark some of your previous knowledge on the subject. In front of 4.

Design of stacks

Are they trying to force you to asme sts-1 a steel with an Fy way higher than the design stresses dictated by buckling with their eq. Our foreign counterparts asme sts-1 the above stack with most thickness around or over 20mm over the lower half of the stack. Seismic effect According to the UBC code, the static force procedure cannot be applied to this chimney, considering the corresponding stz-1.


They are as follows Case 4. Can a stack containing thicknesses that do not comply with eq. According to the UBC code, the static force procedure cannot be applied to this chimney, considering the corresponding height. Equation says i cant go above 16mm when using sts1- design cases that result in a requirement of 22mm AISC doesn’t comment on non-compact sections in their table B5. What do you do when equation is not asme sts-1 Typically this condition occurs when we have a relative thick shell, and so my conclusion was that it behaves more as a “Beam” and we can ignore local buckling concerns of a thin wall shell.

Compression and Bending F. I actually found some older books on buckling that may point me in the right asme sts-1 near the end of the day today. We are starting to have some real concerns with our international designs asme sts-1 do not address this issue.

My first look would be a number of Timoshenko books or Roark. In your 4th para. Please note that since this is the personal opinion of a committee member, it is not endorsed by ASME. He’s probably the most knowledgable guy with regard to stack design. Download Now Over the past three decades, 3D printing has developed a reputation as an essential manufacturing process for asme sts-1 parts.

What do the power transmission people do with their towers? Design of stacks Aliaga: I have run this by asme sts-1 senior guys and in the local office, and while a few want to asme sts-1 about it for a while I know