For thermal comfort—this is the standard. Standard 55 specifies conditions for acceptable thermal environments and is intended for use in design, operation, and. ANSI/ASHRAE Standard Thermal. Environmental. Conditions for. Human Occupancy. Approved by the ASHRAE Standards Committee on June 25, . Learn more about Interpretations For Standard at

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Ashrae standard 55-2010 are not part of the standard, but provide additional information about terms and methods described within the standard, as well as a bibliography, and a description of the addenda incorporated from the previous version in the current version. Retrieved 5 December The survey shall be distributed to the entire occupancy or representative part ashrae standard 55-2010 the occupancy. Documentation requirements to show that a design complies with Standard 55 are contained in Section 6, and a sample compliance form is provided in Appendix K.

If there stwndard multiple such locations, ashrae standard 55-2010 measurement can be performed at a representative location. Requirements are now clearly stated and calculation procedures appear sequentially.

Given the widespread and easy accessibility of computing power and third-party implementations of the analytical method, it is expected that more ashrae standard 55-2010 will favor the comprehensive analytical methods over the graphical stadnard.

One has to keep in mind that the results from point-in-time surveys are only effective during the time when the surveys were solicited. It is also specified that standxrd methods provided by this standard are no longer valid when the clothing insulation exceed 1. For mechanically conditioned spaces, the PMV-based comfort zone standarc to be determined, which includes measuring and recording the metabolic activity and clothing insulation.

This table can be used together with the previous one, so that one can add or subtract the clothing ensemble from the clo value of each garment. It was revised in,and The graphic method utilizes an overlay on a psychrometric chart to indicate the operative ashrae standard 55-2010 and humidity at which thermal comfort is achieved in the winter 1.

Adaptive model is a model that relates indoor design temperatures or acceptable temperature ranges to outdoor meteorological or climatological parameters. If the ashrae standard 55-2010 is moving, it also affects staandard insulation value of clothing. Thus, it only provides an approximation of the clothing insulation value ashrae standard 55-2010 a moving person.


If the clothing ensemble in question reasonably matches the clothing ensemble in the table, the indicated value can be used.

The measurement locations should be where the occupants are expected to spend time in. Considering that a sleeping person or one in reclining posture will be provided with sufficient insulation with the bedding material, and he or she is also free to adjust, it is impossible to determine the clothing insulation effect for these occupants unless they are immobile. And this equation is only valid when the metabolic rate is between ashrae standard 55-2010.

The third method is ashrae standard 55-2010 add all the clo value of each garment to match the clothing ensemble in question.

Standard 55 – Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy

If these requirements are met and the environmental conditions inside the building fall within the indicated ranges, then compliance is achieved. By using this site, you agree to ashrae standard 55-2010 Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This is the energy produced from a ashrae standard 55-2010 skin surface area of an average person seated at rest. In the standard underwent significant changes with the addition of two thermal comfort models: When extracting environmental data from the Building Administration System, one should evaluate the location, height, and time step of the sensors based on the previous suggestion.

Addenda to Standard 55-2010

The measured results should be evaluated against the adjusted comfort zone for the specific building. There is a variety of means to determine the insulation provided by clothing.

The graph is valid for prevailing mean temperatures between 10— When stahdard do not have control over the cyclical variation or drifts in indoor environmental conditions, the conditions within this section must be met.

For occupant-controlled naturally conditioned space, the adaptive model shall be used to determine the thermal comfort boundaries. Generally, the evaluation of comfort in existing buildings can be performed from two perspectives: As for point-in-time surveys, the survey should be solicited during the time ashrae standard 55-2010 occupancy, and the satisfaction ashrae standard 55-2010 ought to be continuous. There should be at least seven points on the scale ending with “very acceptable” and “very unacceptable.


Standard 55 – Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy

This method is based on the concept that when occupants choose their clothing according ashrae standard 55-2010 their environment, the outdoor environment is more influential than the indoor one. Retrieved from ” https: When the number is under 20, at least 16 must reply for the survey to make the survey representative. Radiant temperature asymmetry between ceiling and floor, and air and walls must be limited to reduce discomfort.

And it is also not valid when occupants wear clothing that is highly impermeable to moisture transport. In the first form, different individuals wear different clothing due to factors that are not ashrae standard 55-2010 to thermal conditions, and the second ashrae standard 55-2010 is opposite. This section of the standard is applicable for the design of buildings.

Section 7 underwent major revisions for measuring thermal comfort in existing spaces including procedures for physical measurements ashrae standard 55-2010 survey methods, and how to evaluate and report results. The last major change concerns measuring air speed and air temperature experienced by the occupant, which now must be an average across three heights and over a period of time.

As metabolic rates increase over 1. In the standard included the following changes.

Thermal comfort is the condition of mind that expresses satisfaction with the thermal environment and is assessed by subjective evaluation. For the first, ashrae standard 55-2010 is not correct to use the average clothing insulation value to determine the desired thermal conditions for all occupants.