Alexander Berkman (November 21, – June 28, ) was a leading member of the anarchist movement in the early 20th century, famous for both his . “All such people need a primer of Anarchism—an ABC, as it were, that would Alexander Berkman (Author); Emma Goldman (Introduction); Barry Pateman. Alexander Berkman’s “What is Anarchism?” is simply one of the best introductions to the ideas of what is often called class struggle anarchism.

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But the fact is just that. Martyrs aleaxnder humanity, if ever there were any; two men who gave up their lives because of their devotion to mankind, because of their loyalty to the ideal of an emancipated and freed working class.

You are also aware what a danger the standing army of unemployed is to you when you are out on strike for better conditions. If you have followed me thus far, you must realize that war is just as much a direct result and inevitable effect of the capitalist system as are the regular financial and industrial crises.

What is Anarchism? | AK Press

It says that no one has a right to take anything from you without your consent. You brrkman, of course, what I am driving at. Money means comfort security, power. The workers are wage slaves. Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist alwxander Alexander Berkman. It means that the worker cannot get what he produces, cannot get what is due to him, and therefore cannot get justice under wage slavery.

Drawing upon his experiences in the labour and unemployed movements as well as his time in revolutionary Russia, Berkman’s book is an excellent and very readable account of the basics of anarchism. That is, the wholesaler, the jobber, and the storekeeper put them up for sale.

Can there be justice between them? If the worker would get his due — that is, the things he produces or their equivalent — where would the profits of the capitalist come from? I mean that your consent was not asked.


If you intend to live in peace and harmony with your fellow men, you and they should cultivate brotherhood and respect for each other. Then it means that if people are bad, something else has made them so. The capitalistic press, the politician, the public speaker, never miss an opportunity to impress it upon you that law means justice, that all are equal before the law, and that every one enjoys liberty and has the same opportunity in life as the next fellow.

The courts will issue an injunction against the strikers, they will forbid picketing or make it ineffectual by not permitting the strikers to persuade outsiders not to take the bread out of their mouths, the police will beat up and arrest the pickets, the judges will impose fines on them and railroad them to jail.

Broaden this example to cover your own life, and you will find that justice and equality are only cheap talk, lies which you are taught, while money and power are the real thing, realities. I have met persons who say that war is good because it kills many people, so that there is more work for the survivors.

No, not even to lead an ordinarily decent and honest life, without sham and deceit, without pretense and lying. Whose interests will the law and government protect?

What is Anarchism?

Are there not thousands of unemployed waiting for your job and ready to take it the moment you are disabled or dead? Du Bois James P. Yet the people groan under heavy burdens, and there is no joy in their hearts. In the battle that ensuedsailors were killed; 2, more were arrested; and to 1, Soviet troops died.

What Is Communist Anarchism?

At that moment something whizzed through the air. Truly the capitalistic class knows that it is war, and it uses every means at its command to defeat labor. Berkman worked on his book, The Bolshevik Myththroughout and it was published in January It is made only by those who have themselves never been to war and whose fighting is done by others.

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Consider, for instance, bedkman movement for the eight-hour day. His sentiments toward workingmen, his personal opinion of landlords or employers, and his social views will influence his judgment, sometimes even unconsciously to himself.

The bullet punctured a lung and his stomach and lodged in alexxander spinal column, paralyzing alexader. A carpenter who was working nearby heard the commotion and hit Berkman in the head with his hammer, but the blow only stunned him. Our manufacturer, unable to sell the balance in his own city, will try to dispose of it, in some other part of the country. Asked for a comment by a reporter, Berkman said Frick had been “deported by God”.

We need food, clothing, and shelter; schools for our children; street cars and trains for travel, and a thousand and one other things. Are you going to suppress free speech and berkmaj in this country, and still pretend that you love liberty so much that you will fight for it five thousand miles away?

Berkman Behind the Bars”. Terror and despotism have crushed the life born in October.

The Supreme Court of the State, obedient to the Chamber of Commerce, steadfastly refused, on technical grounds, to review the trial testimony, the perjured character of which had become a byword in California. So the workers seek to improve their condition by trying to get better wages.