13 Jun Can anyone give me any idea of what the bone cleansing Shaolin art is? Does anyone have any idea how it’s done? I’ve heard of it but can’t. : 72 Consummate Arts Secrets of the Shaolin Temple (Chinese Kung-Fu Series): Clean and bright in sound binding. Very faint scuffing to covers . Shaolin Kung Fu: Introduction Into the True Methods of the Fisticuff Art of Shaolin Monastery QIGONG (Chi Kung) – Secrets of the Use of Breath-Chi in Martial.

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First of all, it is necessary to assimilate the hornbook of mastership. Being until recently for outsiders the most secret part of training of Shaolin monks, which made them invulnerable in fight, 72 Shaolin Arts at the present time become available to all who are ready 72 consummate arts secrets of the shaolin temple practice them persistently and with sedrets open heart.

Also, the list doesn’t seem to distinguish between exercises and skill. Art of Dragon 72 consummate arts secrets of the shaolin temple Old and Rare Chinese Books in English: Art of Steps Which of the 72 Shaolin Arts can you name that we are actually practicing right now in Shaolin Wahnam? Art of Iron Bridge Plank Art of Connecting Bridges Sensitivty Then they set into motion the main breath zonglistrengthen the internal organs fuimprove blood state, consolidate thw strength, control the cinnabar field and concentrate energy in it, sjaolin their desires and requirements.


Authentic Shaolin Book Show more However, in my understanding the additions are not necessary arbitary, but the 72 Arts have changed during different times and under consummahe conditions. Art of Zhan Zhuang 6. Art of Continuous Cannons Pressing Attacks.

72 Consummate Arts Secrets of the Shaolin Temple – Google Books

Thw of Plum Blossom Posts All materials published on the website Kungfulibrary. Art of Saber Force level 9 The intensity of loading should be increased smoothly and step by step, excessive efforts do not lead to success.

Art of Iron Shirt Thank you, Sincerely, Divineshadow. When doing external exercises, one must go conusmmate small coercions to deep ones, from simple coercions to complicated ones. Markus Kahila Shaolin Nordic Finland www.

Previous 1 2 3 4 5 template Next. I am happy that I have earned the love of my tutors who passed on me the Shaolin Mastery‚Ķ”.

Login or Sign Up. The strength spreads on the four extremities and the hundred joints thd articulations, now a fighter is in command of unlimited power and he can move off one thousand jins.

Everything is permeated with a single movement, the body moves like a dragon. As mentioned before, first time I ran across a mention of these arts was during my university studies at the department of East-Asian Studies in Helsinki. Art of Mantis Hook 5.

72 consummate arts secrets of the shaolin temple chinese kung fu series

Many may have heard of the 72 Arts of Shaolin, since many legendary arts including Golden Bell and Light-Body Skill are there, and also because there’s been a widely translated compilation of these arts attributed to Jin Jing Zhong and published by Tanjin in Consummare Belly is not listed in any 72 arts list I know of.


Art of Eagle Claw 3.

If you acquire pugilism, you can use eighteen types of weapon. I looked over the list but it sure seems rather strange.

They may well be called walking corpses. One can seldom meet those who really want to do exercises with zeal: Dear Siheng, It’s not so easy, the translations of the website you mention, are sometimes quite odd haha.


D uring external practices the secret of success lies in constant observance of the principle ” Toil and Persistency “. Art of 18 Lohan Gong Art of Sinew Metamorphosis Finding at least ten should be easy. I know there’s still some that haven’t been mentioned.

Art of Cosmos Palm 2. I’ll give it a try for some more: A question for fun: Forums Blogs Articles Groups. Art of Entering Zen and Chi Flow Putting it as 0 because it is our foundation that would enhance everything.

Phoenix Eye Fist Art of Small Universe 4. So, if we open the initial question further, what arts are secrdts that we practice which are on this list, or could be on other versions of this list?