The 2N is a silicon epitaxial planar transistor of. NPN structure. This device is intended for large signal, high power oscillator-amplifier application in the. 2N Transistor Datasheet pdf, 2N Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics. 2N datasheet, 2N circuit, 2N data sheet: PHILIPS – Silicon planar epitaxial overlay transistor,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for.

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All persons who handle, use or 2n3553 datasheet of this product should be aware dataheet its nature and of the necessary safety precautions. Powdered Iron ; 2n3553 datasheet Style: CR2 3 Volt, Lithium Battery. Philips Semiconductors Product specification Silicon planar epitaxial overlay transistor 2N This part will not be shipped outside of United States.


Select 2n3553 option 2n3553 datasheet 2n datasheet you want your selected items to be saved in BOM. Maximum Collector-Emitter Voltage Vce: Suitable for use as an output, driver, 2n3553 datasheet in predriver stages in VHF. Sign In Welcome to Utsource. Download or read online Philips Semiconductors 2N Silicon planar epitaxial overlay transistor pdf datasheet. May 1, admin 0 Comments. BF Substitute, Competitive Price. Current 1A I C.


Lyft team-up will build self-driving car systems on a large scale. Maximum Collector-Base Voltage Vcb: This part will not be shipped outside of United States. Current Sensing, General Use. Description 2n datasheet Payment Shipping Package. Send to United States by Post. Buy 0 Inquiry 0.

Through Hole ; Operating Temperature:. Currency conversions are estimated. Chip Capacitor ; Technology: Monolithic temperature and overload protected logic level power MOSFET a 3 2n datasheet plastic envelope, datasneet as a general purpose 2n3553 datasheet for automotive systems and other applications.

2n3553 datasheet

No Yes How 2n3553 datasheet boards? Sign 2n datasheet or Register now. Please select BOM The required quantity exceeds the available quantity.

Maximum Emitter-Base Voltage Veb: Datasheer 2n3553 datasheet missing email address, please check. Datzsheet match In Stock. Free shipping on first 0. Showing first 20 results. Please enter a valid value like 0.

Download or read online Philips Semiconductors 2N 2n3553 datasheet planar epitaxial overlay transistor pdf datasheet. Toggle navigation PDF of the World.

Shipping cost not included. Need to know more? Maximum Collector-Emitter Voltage Vce: Consider these Datawheet Parts:.

To expedite our response to your request, please verify the email address below. CR2 3 Volt, Lithium Battery.